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    May 04, 2006



    The first motorway was built in Italy.

    lex icon

    Ricky, you took this post waaaaayyyy too seriously, but as long as we're being serious, remind me again: where were cars invented? And where was the first freeway built? The answers, of course, would be America, and America. Before we came along, nobody drove a car anywhere, much less on the left side of the road.



    I suggest you get a life instead of slagging off English roads. We have better quality roads than you and we drive on the CORRECT side of the road. You forced the rest of the world to change because they were different from you.

    Everyone drove on the left before you came along.


    Thank you for making me laugh! I lived in England as a child and again for the last few years as an adult, but I'm American. I'd forgotten just how crazy it all seemed when I got there, but after driving for a few months, it was just normal. Thanks for the laugh! Hope you enjoyed your trip.


    I am going to guess now that the wheres lexo thing was London.

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