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    May 24, 2006



    Bro how can you not shit on the Clippers? They are the fucking Clippers. They are like women with thorns in their cooters. A normal guy wouldn't want 'em to do anything but suck.

    You need a break

    The Clippers SUCK. They will always be second to the Lakers in Los Angeles, just like the Mets are to the Yankees in New York. "How can you shit on a team that is clearly great?" WTF??? What the hell kind of shit are you smoking, dude??? They won a series against DENVER and then did as well as against the Suns as the Lakers....and the Lakers team SUCKED this year. I think people need to clarify what they really mean when they say the Clippers had a great season. (The Clippers had a great season this year....for the Clippers, that is). I wish they'd go back to Buffalo or San Diego. They're an embarrassment to Los Angeles.

    lex icon

    You know, it's not that I hate the Clippers. I just don't much care. I don't actually want to see them lose any more than I want to see the Hawks lose. I will never be a Clipper fan unless they become the OC's team, and even then, I'll only root for them when they play teams other than the Lakers. I mean, come on. How many Celtics fans would become Raptor fans if Toronto moved its franchise to Boston? And who would respect those guys? Even after 20 years, Celtic fans would be Celtic fans, and not Raptor fans.

    In SoCal, you are either a Laker fan or a Clipper fan. Laker fans are either basketball lovers or posers. When I had Laker season seats, they were upper level, with the diehards. I am not a poser. Laker ticket holders who have jumped on the Clipper bandwagon are posers. Clipper fans are either losers (like Cub fans), or basketball fans who can't afford Laker games, or relatives of the players, or recent bandwagoners. Which are you?

    The Clippers suck. It's their job. Its what they do. So they had a bad season, slipped up, finished over 500, won a playoff series and played the Suns as close as the Lakers had. Let's not criticize them too much. Soon, they will start doing their job again, get back to sucking, and drop below .200. Watch the Donald screw up and offer Sam Cassell lowball money even though his GM and coach want Sam back. Soon, it'll be top five lottery pickland for the Clippers.


    The LA Clippers have taken precisely one playoff series ever. It was against Denver. Big deal. Elton Brand is a stud, and the supporting cast is okay, but there is no chance the Clippers will win the NBA Championship any time soon.


    p.s. "self respecting lakers fan" - oxymoron, at least for in the lower section.

    gotta respect nosebleeds.


    bro how can you shit on a team that is clearly great? i mean if they were the same old clippers go ahead and shit on them. but they went 7 games further than the lakers this year, and next year they'll win the title.

    too bad that shark in the photo didn't eat you.

    this blog is embarassing.

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