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    May 18, 2006


    lex icon

    Ha! In fact, it may be worse for the business community now that these guys got busted. Now those cases will be pursued by lawyers who won't sell the class out for bullshit settlements that benefit the lawyers and the named plaintiffs more than the class members. That means a harder fight, and more money paid by the defendants. Whose laughing now? Not the defendants, that's for sure.

    Milberg Weiss did not make the legal profession look bad. They made themselves look bad. Who do you think got hurt by one firm cheating to get these cases? Do you think it is the companies they sued? Don't be so stupid or naive. The ones who were cheated were the honest attorneys who otherwise would have gotten the cases. Milberg Weiss disappearing won't make those cases disappear, it will just mean that better, honest lawyers and law firms will get most of those cases.


    Who's laughing now? Dont ya hate when some a@@ makes your profession look bad. 25 years of greed.

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