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    September 05, 2006


    lex icon

    Sadly, Cal State Fullerton dropped football after 1993. The program could have been a Fresno State or better quality program. Gene Murphy was a solid coach and he produced several great players, including Allen and Mike Pringle, who held quite a few NCAA records and CFL records. Every time the Titan Alumni Association calls and asks for money, I ask them: "Is football coming back?" They say no. I say: "There's your answer, right there." And then they tell me "We get that a lot."

    CSUF: Call me for donations when you bring back Titan football.

    Cranky Greg

    You have a better track record than I do. In college, I went to SMU (started good with Eric Dickerson and Craig James but that all led to football death penalty), UT-Arlington (dropped college football around 1985 after building a new stadium) and McGeorge at Pacific (dropped football).

    You better hope I don't geet a bee in my bonnet and enroll at USC.

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