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    September 02, 2006


    lex icon

    I heard some people complaint about the Cal comments in the media, saying that people are just talking about how bad Cal is, rather than how well Tennessee played. But the reality is that the Vols might be very good, but Cal was awful. Fully 21 points of the 35-0 lead came from long TDs as a result of Cal defenders failing to make tackles that JC players should be able to make. That, and the QB position is going to be a big problem for the Bears again. Teams will stack the box to slow the rushing game and Cal will struggle. I stand by my original pick of Oregon to come in second in the Pac-10, ahead of Cal.


    Well, at least Cal didn't spend half the season leading fans on before collapsing in a disappointing way. Got it out of the way quick; there's some honor to that, I guess. :D

    (My Huskies are 1-0, even though that won't last after next week's trip to Oklahoma. But for this week, I can mock the Golden Bears.)

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