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    December 03, 2006


    lex icon

    I watched the replay of the last 10 minutes of the Boise State game and got all I needed. Couldn't have watched it live if I wanted to, because I wasn't yet home from the Rose Bowl, so no, I can't say I feel like a jackass for it. For such a boring blog, you read quite far into it. Feel free to come back and be bored at any time.

    Besides, the excitement of the finish is not at all what I was commenting on. The fact was, and remains, that I couldn't care less who wins that game. The plays were great, but great plays and great finishes can come in any game, even a game between, say, Nevada and Miami (which most people couldn't have cared less about, either).

    It we had a playoff, and that Boist OU game was a quarterfinal, THAT would have been exciting.

    Bronco Nation

    I bet you feel like a jackass not wanting to watch the Boise State game. Your blog is boring.

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