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    February 01, 2007


    graded baseball card

    In 2000, the American and National Leagues were dissolved as legal entities, and Major League Baseball became a singular league de jure, although it had operated as a de facto single entity for many years.


    The case was argued last Monday. The appellant's atty had default notices against him a bunch of times and had to file a motion to get an untimely reply brief filed. I think the appeal is a loser, even with that lesbian doctor case from earlier in the month.


    My bad, you did indeed make that comment at the end of your post, and I indeed missed it. Having said that, any idea on what the appellate court will do ? Given the recent case involving 2 physicians and the Unruh Act (sorry, I don't have the cite handy):

    "The California Supreme Court ruled Monday that doctors can't use their religious beliefs as a reason to refuse treatment to patients because doing so violates the state's anti-discrimination law.

    The unanimous decision came in the case of an Oceanside lesbian couple who are suing two doctors at a North County clinic. They claim the doctors would not perform a certain artificial insemination procedure because their strong Christian beliefs prevented them from impregnating a lesbian couple.

    The closely watched case pitted religious freedom rights guaranteed in the constitution against California's strong anti-discrimination laws, which bar businesses from discriminating against customers and clients based on certain characteristics such as race, gender, age and sexual orientation. "

    my guess would be that the case will be remanded. Since Judge Cannon has retired, it's a whole new ballgame if that happens (pun intended). And no, I am not the lawyer who "lost" the case.

    lex icon

    Thanks, Alan. Being a member of the class of people who were "discriminated against" in this giveaway, I find anonymous's analogy of discrimination against blacks to be inapposite. Why so upset, anonymous? Are you the lawyer who lost this case? I can't say I wish you luck on the appeal, but I can say that you obviously didn't read the whole post, because I clearly mentioned that you can take the case to the Court of Appeal. D'oh! If you are the lawyer, I hope you read the relevant cases more carefully than you read my blog posts.


    Anonymous: Perhaps you should have read the whole post, to wit... "Instead of a jury, the plaintiff will have to take his case to the Court of Appeal, where the plaintiff might get a published -- and highly publicized -- opinion ripping him and his motives to shreds."
    So, he actually DOES know better.


    Well, too bad you forgot to mention that Judge Cannon doesn't have the final word. You really should know better.

    He didn't lose his case. This is why we have an Appellate Court, and yes, a State Supreme Court. Anyone want to bet that Judge Cannon gets his ass handed to him by the Appellate Court which is where the case is now ?

    Also, since you have a problem with all of this, take the same set of facts, but substitute the word "women" for men (as in women didn't get totebags but men did), or use the word "blacks." Now how do you feel about it ?

    Attila the Mom

    Thanks so much for the update!!

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