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    April 21, 2007


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    5: I think you may have not realised that the big attraction with Fungi the Dingle dolphin is the possibility to be able to swim with him. He is very friendly in nature and is not shy of people being in the water with him. Touching him is a daily occurrence. This is very unique. Yes I agree the boat trips sometimes come back to port with visitors not really seeing much of him. I think in that regard a free trip is only fare.

    10: I disagree, the best pints of Guinness can only be found outside the capital because the locals won’t allow for a bad pint in their local country pub. I drink a black pint or two every time I'm home in Dingle. I find it bitter and flat in Dublin due to the bear lines being dirty and the glasses never being rinsed with cold fresh water before & after washing through the machine. I’m sorry but that my line on Guinness. If one was to do a poll, id say I be backed up on that point.

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