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    May 08, 2007





    The law applies to everyone, simple as that.

    Sign here to keep her off our streets!


    Paris likes to use the N word..(there is video proof)

    Paris insults us normal people by saying "Go back to public school"

    Paris thinks that anyone over 32 is old.

    These are just a few of the reasons I am brimming with joy over her future jail sentence.

    If she was just another rich spoiled brat who liked to shop, sleep around, and make bad music I really wouldn't care, but it's the arrogance and superiority above all the rest of us that she publicly shows to the world is what makes no one give a damn about here and her diseased riddled vagaina.

    Karma is a bitch and now this blonde little skank is getting hers..I think the sisters and chicas in the California jail sysetem should stir that little brat up and give her something to remember them by! Welcome to the real world bitch!


    I certainly hope they make her wear the prison uniform and allow her no make-up, cell phone....excuse me!....Blackberry....or any other little rich girl toys. Jail is not the Ritz (or Hilton) and she should be treated like the little bi-atch that she is. What's cruel and unusual punishment is being subjected to this brat for so long. Paris in jail? Now THAT'S HOT!!!!!!

    M davis

    Who is she kidding, if you cant do the time then dont do the crime, 45 days is not enough


    Send that heifer to jail. Maybe it will tone her down a bit and realize that money and fame don't mean she can get away with what we otherwise wouldn't get away with. She can see what it feels like to be "normal" and living in the real world. All that money and you don't see or hear about her doing anything constructive with it to help people out. Instead of her mom fighting with the judge she should have put her foot up her daughter's but and told her to grow up and get a life!! If I were the judge it would have been 45 days, nothing suspended to be served immediately. When's the last time you saw a non celebrity citizen get that mucth time to get their affairs in order before they had to turn themselves in. Never!! TAKE PARIS NOW! TAKE PARIS NOW! TAKE PARIS NOW! TAKE PARIS NOW!.......


    I am so glad to hear what other people are saying. I can't believe that this rich snob is getting so much attention. The only reason she is famous is because she has money. She does nothing to contribute to the good of society. She is just a parasite and needs to be sentenced the same or more as anyone else as she is in the public eye. She should have to set an example for our youth instead of being famouse for being a tramp.

    John Mader

    Paris Hilton is a drunken, drug abusing whore. She is puke on the sidewalk of humanity and, yet, she wants off the hook. She needs a year in the lock-up, minimum.


    What I find amazing is that are people out there actually idolize a rich brat with the morals of a tomcat. She, if anybody, had options available to her to avoid her plight. (A car service, a limo, even a taxi. The money to her would be inconsequential.) She and those that call themselves Paris fans are why much of the world looks at us w/ disdain and perhaps contempt. I hope she mouths off at an officer and learns how people are "encouraged to cooperate". If Arnold addresses this in any fashion but "you must be joking", than he loses all the respect he has earned.


    How could she think it was okay for her to drive or that her license was no longer suspended? Did she go to DMV? She got 2 DUI's in as many months. Any ordinary person would have been fined a lot more than $1500.00 and given more jail time.
    How many points did she think she was making with the public saying she put excitement into their ordinarily "Mundane" lives.

    Grow Up!

    Ralph Harrington

    Has Paris Hilton ever heard that "No-one is above the law?" If you claim to be ignorant of the law, whose fault is that?


    I think Paris Hilton needs a lesson in real life. She is no better than any of us "regular" people. Between the comments I have heard in the last few days I think it would do her and her mother to realize that just because you have money does not put you above anyone, especially the law. I so let them share a cell.


    She's just a spoiled brat, not worth all this attention.


    WHY Paris Hilton thinks laws do not apply to her is so sad. But it is probably a result of the way she was reared. But this only proves that MONEY doesn't insure 'class'. She is and always has been a spoiled rich kid whose parents gave her everything that was material but no education or training in how to be a RESPONSIBLE, LAW-ABIDING citizen. She seems to be the perfect model for the infamous 'blonde jokes.'

    James Able

    To think that this poor little waif is "suffering" &
    that the sentence was"cruel"
    OR "unreasonable",would be FUNNY if not for the obtuse ASS that "IT" IS. In FACT
    the stupid little TRAMP should DO MORE THAN 45 DAYS! All of this is ORAL
    DIARRHREA! She drove on a suspended license, she thinks the LAW does'nt apply to HER because who IT IS! If I had tried this CRAP in front of a judge, the judge would have told me, "Ignorance of the law is NO excuse", & it's NOT!
    End of story, NO SHIT! And can ANYONE SERIOUSLY call that scanky pathetic thing a SOCIALITE? NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you do, then you are OUT OF YOUR FREAKIN' MIND!!!!!
    you OBVIOUSLY don't understand WHAT a socialite IS!!!!! Also, IT IS AN ACTRESS? WHAT?!!! THIS IS NO ACTRESS, I know of many actresses, & THIS is NO ACTRESS!!!! IT could'nt ACT IT'S way out of a wet paper bag on a GOOD day! I digress. the POOR little misunderstood, ABUSED (YEAH, RIGHT!), maligned, SWEET (LIKE HELL!), little starlet needs our compassion & UNDERSTANDING!
    That BITCH would'nt know ANYTHING ABOUT ABUSE, EXCEPT for the ABUSE that IT'S FAMILY, & IT has fousted off on the LEGAL system! Bringing in the "OTHER STARS" that "MADE MISTAKES ALSO" is NO DEFENSE!! BRANDY KILLED SOMEONE!! Others COULD'VE KILLED people & that does'nt make it right EITHER!! NO DEFENSE!!!!!
    Paris Whitney (Clueless) Hilton, you are a spoiled, arrogant, self-entitled, self-important, better-than-EVERYBOBY, BITCH!! Your FAMILY needs their asses whipped for LETTING you get SO totally out of hand!!! If they had ANY self-respect, or any REAL concern for you, they would've cut your sorry ass off LONG ago! SO OBVIOUSLY, THEY DON"T!!!! THEY are too self-absorbed in themselves to give a SHIT about how YOU turned out! SO obvious!
    Just look at the manner that your MOMMY act out in court! THAT other SPOILED BITCH should've been thrown in jail for CONTEMPT OF COURT!!! It sure would've given ME a BIG LAUGH! You ALL should be ASHAMED of you BAD behavior! YOU DESERVE NOTHING, NOTHING,
    Except CONTEMPT!!!!!!!

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