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    June 19, 2007


    Malachi McCormick

    Dear Friends,

    Your two wonderful photographs of Cobh really stirred some memories for me. Born in 1937, I grew up in Cobh --spent my first twenty years there, and have the happiest memories of that chapter of my life. I sometimes feel that I over-romanticize those days, but most of the times I just delight in the rush of rich feelings that I get from --e.g.-- looking at those two beautiful photographs: the cathedral that I was so deeply involved in, in becoming myself. The reverence and the irreverence; the grey flannel suit (short pants) that I wore for my first holy communion (the label said: "Joseph May, Yorkshire";)the endless masses and confessions; the funeral services for both my parents. At my mother's Mass for the Dead, the young priest wore ReeBoks under his cassock. I was in the choir, under the redoubtable Staf Gebruers.
    The 42-bell carillion --on which Staf often gave recitals-- rang out it's loud peels every quarter hour, 24 hours a day: it's statement to the Brits was considered more important than the undisturbed sleep of the people of Cobh.
    The two boats are moored in the same camber that our little 12foot gaff rigged yacht, the "Redwing" used to be moored in. My friends and I all learned our sailing crewing on the world-famous One Design gaff-rigged yachts. We sailed down to Kinsale once for the regatta, and won a thrilling race against the famous Ruby Robinson, crewing with Kevin O'Regan in the "Cygnet". In the very light winds, Kevin had us lie on the deck and use the lightest cotton thread for our jib sheets. We beat Ruby by a second or two.

    ( I left Cobh in 1957.I am now a writer and make handmade books at my small press --mostly related to Ireland-- in New York, in Staten Island. In case any of your readers are interested, I do have a website which incorporates my blog, named "Malachi McCormick's Blog" The book I am currently working on --"The Story of Hermann Gebler"-- is about a musician fleeing Nazi Germany who landed illegally in Cobh, who a number of people --including my parents-- were involved with helping. I have several questions that I am currently trying to get answers to --who knows, someone out there may be able to help me. Let me know.

    So there you have it. You probably had no idea what you might spark with two beautiful photographs.
    Malachi McCormick/The Stone Street Press.

    PS You mention the Titanic and its ill-fated first and last voyage.
    Did you know that 12 people got off the Titanic when it called at Cobh, it's last port of call!
    What did they know?

    Good luck. Let's have more of those photos.

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