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    June 29, 2007



    Where is it written that nice dinner establishments are for adults only. I'm with your other idea, Craig. Just go hang around in your local porn shop.


    And those of us who are not loud enormously overweight drunken pigs would like to get away from them, too. Where do we go?


    Your explanation of the situation holds the answer.
    "...we were dining with our children at another very nice dinner establishment..."

    Nice dinner establishments are for ADULTS.

    Those of us without kids are sick of having to deal with kids most everywhere we might go. We NEED those nice dining establishments to be child-free because everything in our country is commercial and insanely kid friendly. I find myself considering entry in porno shops just to get away from other peoples' little brats.

    Your kids and "family atmosphere" has taken 90% of the entertainment opportunities away from single adults. The least you can do is respect the few last options we have. You might even consider getting a babysitter for a nice night out away from the kids on occasion.

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