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    July 23, 2007



    That story is just sad. I don't find anything positive about it.


    She trademarked "Prevailing over Failing"?

    lex icon

    Paulina responds:

    "Yesterday, a bar candidate called my attention to your blog. Your blog contains false statements and portrays me inaccurately. These statements are injurious to me both personally and professionally. It appears the purpose of this posting is to degrade, and distort, me and the success of my business. To avoid further damages to me, and my business reputation, I am requesting immediate removal of all statements and comments about me, my family, my home, and my business from your blog.

    Thank you in advance for your timely resolution.
    Paulina Bandy
    Bar Exam Strategist
    CA Bar Exam Repeaters' Resource
    The Legal Education Annex
    "Prevailing over Failing™ ""


    The Register did a followup.
    The comments all keep getting deleted after a few hours.

    Cranky Greg



    They should make her put that one her business card so that people with serious legal problems know better than to hire her.

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