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    August 14, 2007


    Luke 14:26

    “Whoever comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, and even life itself cannot be my disciple.”

    lex icon

    He also took the wine, drank it and said "Do this in memory of me."


    Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come unto the father but by me."

    Hurray for Beer

    “It has long been recognized that the problems with alcohol relate not to the use of a bad thing, but to the abuse of a good thing.” Abraham Lincoln.

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

    You people must renounce your Satan and follow Allah's law.

    Pastor Joe

    Jesus drank wine as did all of the Apostles. There is no debate. It says so in the Gospel. I believe it. Every good Christian believes it. There is no sin in drinking wine as long as one avoids drunkenness and sins that flow from drunkenness. Even wine is good. Fruit of the vine and work of human hands. The only thing not good about wine is how man, in his moments of weakness, misuses it. Just because man misuses God's creations it does not make God's creation not wonderful. The Lord loves you, and wants you to enjoy his creations, including bread and wine. Use them wisely. Do not abuse them.

    lol lol

    Great verses Bonnie but the Scientologists preach the same about people who persecute them. You and the Scientologists are all going to have a chance to talk about it when you die and face damnation for rejecting Allah and his Prophet.

    The simple believes every word, but the prudent considers well his steps. Proverbs 14:15

    The Thinking Agnostic

    Words to fool the weak minded into blind faith. Why would god ask you to suffer like that now with no reward other than some nebulous future bliss that you never saw anyone in history receive? That sounds cruel. Why follow someone so cruel? If there is a God, and he is loving, wouldn't he let us know other than through the one way process of revelation through questionable third persons? Parents who love their children don't send strangers to them with messages that daddy and mommy love them and dubious instructions on how to earn mommy and daddy's love. They speak directly with their children and tell them and show them how they love them. If he was a human, and you were his child, everyone would think your god a neglectful parent.

    lex icon

    This wasn't meant to be a debate about whether there is a God or whether Jesus is His Son. Since you're back Bonnie, perhaps you can explain the Christian teetotaler's view on Ken S's observations. Jesus did speak of the winemaking process in his parables, and Ken speaks the truth about grape juice keeping in a world without refrigeration. How can you read the New Testament and believe that Jesus only drank grape juice in light of the points Ken raised?

    I still believe that the Bible makes it clear that Jesus drank and produced fermented wine and when I go to communion and drink the wine, I am doing as Jesus told us to do. If you say that this is sinful, you are doing nothing less than condemning Christ as a sinner, or condemning the New Testament as a pack of lies.

    Now back to work for me. Continue to talk amongst yourselves.

    Bonnie Gibson

    Matthew 5:11
    Blessed are ye when men shall revile you, and perecute you, and say all manner of evil against you falsly for my sake.
    12. Rejoice, and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven. For so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

    go drink a whiskey bitch. my dust isn't on your feet. you persuaded no one because you don't even understand your own beliefs. ignorance is bliss. be happy.

    Also Agnostic

    Thanks for nothing, Bonnie. Anyone could read interpretations from the Bible and assign them different meanings. You can't even acknowledge that "wine" as it is referred to in the bible, is, in fact, "wine" and not grape juice. You side-step answers to questions about as well as one of my other Christian friends. But try this one:

    Why did "God" send his only son, Jesus "to die for our sins." Why is that such a tragic sacrifice showing "God's" love for us?? After all, this is "God", so what's the big deal? Create another son, or better yet, bring Jesus back to life in human form. It shouldn't be that difficult for a "God" all powerful and everlasting, now, should it??

    On second thought, don't even bother trying to answer that one, I'm sure it would make to rational sense.

    Bonnie Gibson

    well, I think it's time to "shake the dust off my feet" to all of you. I have tried to tell you about Jesus, tried to reason with you about salvation through his blood. But it's time to quit.
    May you one day realize the power in God and in his son Jesus and give Him your life.

    He spake of the temple of his body. None of the disciples understood it like that until after he died. Christ says one thing and means another to confuse people. Why do people take any of the Bible literally if wine means fresh grape juice and a temple means a human body even if you are standing in front of the temple, er, make that "THE Temple", when you say it and you never do clue you disciples in on the meaning leaving them to figure it out after you die? How many days again did it take God to make the universe? Six? How do you know six doesn't mean six days on some other planet where a day lasts three quarters of a billion years?

    Bonnie Gibson

    Also agnostic,
    God doesn't ignore the prayers of the faithful. First you have to be born again of the blood of Jesus. You have to repent of your sins, believing in Jesus. Ask him to save you and come into your life. Then you have to take up the cross each day and follow him.

    I John Chapter 3 verse 9 says, "whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.

    Now this means that God doesn't see our sins. Sure we still sin but he sees Jesus when he looks at us. God sees the blood of Jesus has covered our sin if we are born again.
    John 3:3-7 Ye must be born again. Thru the blood of Jesus.
    Many things can hinder your prayer.
    I Peter 3:7
    I John 1:9
    James 4:3
    Matthew 5:22-24 James 1:6&7
    Hebrews 11:6

    Now, when Jesus said that he could rebuild the temple in 3 days he was talking about his body. John 2:19 says, Destroy this temple and in three days I will rebuild it. VS. 21 says, But he spake of the temple of his body.


    i thought jesus was going to rebuild the temple in three days

    Also Agnostic


    "God does not hear the prayer of a sinner. (have to look up the verse, can't remember off hand.)"

    So that's why "God" doesn't answer any prayers. According to the bible, we are ALL sinners. I knew there had to be some reason "God" ignores even the prayers of the faithful.

    Bonnie Gibson

    Thinking Agnostic,
    These verses are what Jesus did bring and will continue to bring when one believes and the other doesn't. It bring conflict. Because one believes with all his/her heart and the other doesn't.
    Jesus said to turn the other cheek if someone hits you. He scolded Peter for cutting off the soldiers ear and healed him immediately. Jesus said, "Love your enemies, do good to those who persecute you.
    Pray for your enemies."
    Another bible verse we learned as little children. God is Love. God is also a god of judgement. It's appointed unto man once to die and then judgement.
    God does not hear the prayer of a sinner. (have to look up the verse, can't remember off hand.)
    The Bible also says that you can't understand the things of God unless you have the spirit of God in you.

    Jeremy, One thing I was talking about is right now plans are being made to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. The new Sandhedrin has ordered many sheep for sacrifices. (News and youtube video)
    The New American Union is talk about that. Joining Mexico, America and Canada into one nation.
    The Bible speaks of a world empire in the last days. It also says that after the temple is built that the Anti-christ will be revealed. The temple has to be rebuilt in order for sacrifices to start again and the bible says they will stop again. They have to start before they can stop.
    All the talk about Israel being bombed by other countries. Talk is that the Middle east countries are trying to join together to fight Israel. The Bible says that when the armies are surrounding Israel the end is near.

    Ken S.

    As a home winemaker, I can say that wine existed in Jesus' time. Grape juice did not. If grape juice was not fermented into wine, it would rot in just a few days. Fermenting into wine was a way of preserving the fruit of the vine. Today, we have modern refrigeration and preservative chemicals that allow the storage of unfermented wine (grape juice). Back then they did not. More importantly, the preservation effect does not take effect until the alcohol content hits about 5%, about the alcohol content of beer. And Grapes have the habit of only fruiting once a year. So, to have it all year round, making wine was the only way to go.

    Incidentally, several of the references that Jesus made were references to the winemaking process. When he talked about the fact you cannot put new wine into old wineskins, this referenced the fact that new wine is still emitting Carbon dioxide gas as it ferments. This would cause and older and weaker wineskin to burst. So, Jesus was not ignorant of the wine making process, the old fashioned way ;)


    The Thinking Agnostic

    Bonnie, what do you think about the verses I quoted?

    Bonnie Gibson

    will post tomorrow--12th. Been really busy today. No time.

    jeremy m

    Zec. 14:12 does not sound like modern conflict, with half the Jews being captured and all the women being raped
    Dan 11 says there will be four Persian kings and the war will be against Egypt
    Dan 2:44 is a vague reference to a kingdom that cannot be destroyed
    Dan 11:44 says the Libyans and Ethiopians have great treasures
    Ez. 38:2-6 has Persia, Libya and Ethiopia destroying the Israelites with swords
    Do you have any verses that sound like they are coming true any time in the next 100 years?

    The Thinking Agnostic

    I'm no atheist. An atheist believes that there is no God. I don't have answers to most of your questions, which is why I am an agnostic not an atheist. I can't say for sure that there is not a God or a hereafter. God probably is real, because you are right, something made all this. Tragically that something does not reveal its current presence and involvement in our world today. So I think there probably is a God but I don't really know and I think it probably isn't the one you pray to. I know for sure though that you are wrong about God never ignoring anyone who called on his name. I have been ignored when I called on his name. I have seen many others call on his name and no one answered. You called on his name to have that election go the Lord's way. You were ignored too. That is why I used to be a Christian, but now I am The Thinking Agnostic.

    Bonnie Gibson

    One God, in three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

    I didn't come in here to try and prove anything to anyone. God doesn't even try to do that. He say have faith. Faith in one whom you cannot see with your eyes. You can't see the wind but you know that it is there. You can see the results of the wind, just as you can see the results of God.

    God never ignored anyone who called on his name.

    Thinking Agnostic.. you sound more like an atheist. Not an agnostic. And you didn't answer my questions.

    The Thinking Agnostic

    What I was talking about with the 5,000 years is that Jesus never sent his message to any of the native people in North America or South America until 1492. Why would a God who loves his people ignore an entire hemisphere of human souls from the beginning of time until 1492? My own belief is that it is far longer than 5,000 years, but your Bible says humans have only been on Earth for about 6,000 years so to be nice I called it only 5,000 years.

    Your explanation of we makes no sense. Is there one God or two?

    The Thinking Agnostic

    You think your Jesus is the God of peace and love? Read your Bible again.

    Matthew 10:34
    Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

    Luke 12:51
    Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division: For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three. The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

    Luke 22:36
    He that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

    The Jewish faith has a savior. Many other faiths have saviors. The differences are that theirs haven't come yet and they don't prophesy that theirs will get killed.

    Bonnie Gibson

    jeremy m.
    The Bible speaks of all nations going against Israel. Zec. 14:1-6 Israel is hated of all nations except the USA. News says they want to blow it off the map. Why? Because it's God's chosen people. God gave the land to Israel. A promise to Abraham. A covenant.
    Zec. 14:12 necular
    Dan. 11
    Dan 2:44
    Dan 11:44
    Ez. 38:2-6
    We hear on the news every day about Israel. Why should these nations hate and want to destroy a little nation as Israel? They hate Israel. The bible defends Israel as Gods people.
    The Bible said that Israel would become a nation again which they did in 1948. It says at the end time when the armies are gathered around Israel, time is near.
    The bible says that the temple in Jerusalem will be rebuilt. Talk of it in the news. Plans being made.The anti-christ will stand in the temple saying he is Christ and deceive many.
    Daniel chapter 8. Tells of Daniels vision of the end.
    News related.

    Bonnie Gibson

    To the thinking agnostic.
    I was answering your questions, I just didn't say your name. I answered that I can believe in God by faith. What on earth are you talking about, 5000 years. You need to read up on your history of the settlement of America. The we God is speaking of is he and Jesus, his only son. Jesus was in heaven with God even from the beginning. He, Jesus, left the glories of heaven to come to earth for a cause. To die for our sins. I would advise you to read the first few chapters of Genesis and then go to John and read all of it. That's for starters.
    I might be still waiting for Jesus to come just like my Grandparents, but, when I die, I will be with Him and them. Jesus will come in his own time, but I do believe it is near because of the Bible. I can read my Bible and listen to the news and see it all coming to pass. Also, Thinking Agnostic,The Koran Bible, and all the other religions, talk of hate and killing. The Holy Bible speaks of love. The Koran says Kill the infidels. My Bible says love them and tell them about Jesus so they can have a home in heaven one day.
    Christianity is the only religion who gives us a savior. All others do not.

    You know, Christianity is based on faith, what can I say. God gave us his word, The Holy Bible, so we can know what will happen. I believe it's the true word of God. The only true God.
    I can't make anyone believe. It's a choice. If you choose not to believe, then that's your right.
    I have tried to tell you and that's all I am required to do. God is real. Heaven is real, Hell is real. Just because you don't believe doesn't mean it doesn't apply.
    I don't just believe in the Bible. I know there is a God because he answers my prayers, he hears me. He speaks to me through his Holy Spirit. He loves us all so much.
    How can you, not believe, that something somewhere created the world and it didn't just happen. A big bang? Get real. The earth didn't just happpen. People didn't come from monkeys. they didn't just crawl up out of the sea. Where did the sea come from? Where did the animals come from. How did we get here?
    Do any of you believe in a hereafter?

    Jeremy M. I will look it up and post again with the verses. It will take me a little while to get them written down.

    jeremy m

    Where can I find the bible passages that tell us about everything happening in Israel, Iran, and Iraq in modern day? If you have the exact verses please tell.

    The Thinking Agnostic

    I just noticed that Bonnie didn't answer any of my questions, because she can't.

    The Thinking Agnostic

    There is only one true God and it is the God of Abraham? You mean the one who must have hated everyone living in the Americas for 5,000 years before God's people discovered the western hemisphere? Who never revealed himself to those people for hundreds of generations of living and dying? In Genesis, when God says "we made" this and "we made" that, which of the "we" is the "one true god?" You and I are not that much different, Bonnie. You don't believe in 99.9% of the gods in this world. I only doubt another 0.1% of them. When you ask yourself why you reject the Koran and 100 other holy books that claim to be the word of God, you will understand why I don't believe your book. I was raised Christian. It didn't take. I've read the Bible. It's full of contradictions and obviously false statements. If it is the word of your god, then your god knows less about the world than the average high schooler today.

    Jesus told his disciples he would return to them. Not to you. To them. They've been dead for 1,900 years. You must be a very self-important person to believe that Jesus left his apostles waiting and chose your lifetime to make his return. I have news for you. You will die still waiting for Jesus to come, just like your grandparents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents.

    Bonnie Gibson

    There is only one true God. THe God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The true God that is watching over Israel today and over us. God gave us his word, The Bible, to give us instructions, so to speak. The Bible is not the only thing I have. I have the Holy Spirit living in me. He is a comforter, a guide, and a teacher. He reveals things to people who allow him in.
    I don't expect a carnal mind to understand the things that a person with the spirit of God understands.
    I can only say that there is a God. He created this world. He spoke it into existance. He gave his only begotten son, the ultimate sacrifice for us. I will be forever greatful for that.
    The things this world has to offer is of no interest to a Christian.Being a Christian means living a clean life. Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. Not living to fufill the lusts of the flesh.
    God never forced me to do anything. I do it of my own free will.
    Again, there is only one true God. The Bible tells us all about him. He stands for all that is good. But he is a God of judgement. It is appointed unto man once to die, and then judgement. I also believe that the time here on earth is short. Jesus will come back soon. He is going to split open the eastern sky and call all his people who believe on him up to be with him in the air. Watch and when this happens you will know. Don't take the mark of the beast or you will be doomed. You can neither buy or sell unless you have it but if you take it there is no returning to God. THe Bible is fulfilling itself every day. Why don't you just read it and see for yourself? Everything happening in Isreal, Iran, Iraq, is recorded in the Bible. The things that will happen in the end time is all there. Most people don't believe because they have never read it for themselves. Jesus is coming soon.

    lex icon

    Aye! Carumba!

    But I do tend to agree with the Anti-Whatever up above. If you purport to believe in the Bible, and the Bible says that Jesus made and drank wine, if you then go out and claim that drinking alcohol is a sin, you are saying that the Bible is inaccurate and/or that Christ was a sinner. Shame on you either way if you claim to be a good Christian.

    The Thinking Agnostic

    Then I shall have faith in my frozen yoghurt, knowing that it is truly unlikely that a loving God would fail to reveal himself to me during my lifetime, except through the rantings of irrational and superstitious people of faith who cannot come close to agreeing among themselves about what illogical things they should believe.

    Tell me this Bonnie: what if you die, not believing in the Real God, and there really is one, but it isn't Jesus, and what if hell is real, but it awaits all those who do not believe in the ancient Egyptian God Ra, and you are doomed forever, in fire, but a different fire than your bible tells you? Your gamble doesn't sound so safe any more, does it? What if, to be saved, you needed to be a Mormom? What if Allah will punish you for all eternity for not praying five times a day while facing Mecca? You're no better off than I am, but you are depriving yourself of enjoying all that the world has to offer in this life. Sad, really.

    If Jesus loves you, why does he force you to take the word of other sinners in order for you to know anything about him? How does he protect you from false messages? Why doesn't he just come out and reveal to the world that he is the true God?

    The answer I believe is that he is dead, and was never anything but a man.

    Bonnie Gibson

    For one thing I am not anti-Catholic. Just because I differ in my opinion about alcohol doesn't mean that I think Catholics aren't christian. I never said that.
    If you look back on this message board, I have not spoken badly of anyone. I just differ in my opinion. Now, I said all that to say this: I don't believe drinking alcohol will send you to hell. The only thing that will send you to hell is not believing in God and his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, and not having your sins forgiven through Jesus.
    I voted no to alcohol in our town. I voted my conviction. Now it is over. I accept it. I go on with my life.
    Whether I believe Jesus made alcohol or whether I don't, won't keep me from Heaven and it won't keep you if you believe he did or didn't. We will all find out one day.
    I fully believe in God and the only begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ. I have asked him to come into my life and save me. I have tried to live a life that would be pleasing to him. That's all I can do. Nothing I can do will get me to Heaven except believe in him. It's what He did for me. He died on the cross and took upon himself my sins. I look forward to one day being with Him in heaven with all my family that's gone on before me. I certainly did not mean to offend anyone in what I have written. The editorial in the paper was my conviction. I am sure you have yours.
    God Bless you all.
    P.S. To The Thinking Agnostic...By faith Sir, you do it by faith. If I live my life believing in God, then die, and there is no God, then I am gone, nothing...But if you die, not believing in God, and there really is one, and hell is real, then you are doomed forever, in fire, as my bible tells me. All I can say is Please, please, reconsider.

    Recovering Former Alabaman

    You all forget that you are arguing with people who think that the Bible justifies lynching niggers. When a wise man argues on the internet with a fool, who is really the fool?

    The Thinking Agnostic

    If there was such a thing as sin, than of course Jesus was a sinner. He was a man, like any other. He was probably in a special loving relationship with the "disciple whom Jesus loved" too, think about it. All you rednecks want to keep gays from getting married, when your savior had male disciples as lovers.

    A man I respect once wrote: "Tell a devout Christian that frozen yogurt can make a man invisible, and he is likely to require as much evidence as anyone else, and to be persuaded only to the extent that you give it. Tell him that the book he keeps by his bed was written by an invisible deity who will punish him with fire for eternity if he fails to accept its every incredible claim about the universe, and he seems to require no evidence whatsoever." How can anyone believe in a benevolent and omnipotent God who permits a tsunami to swallow 180,000 innocent people in a few hours? How does it advance our understanding of the universe to suppose that it was created by a supernatural being who communicates only through the one-way process of revelation?

    Against Anti-Catholic Bigots

    No, Bonnie. It is the Bible that says Jesus made wine. More than that. It is the New Testament, not the Old Testament, that says Jesus made and drank wine. We have ample historical data to confirm that the Bible was correct when it said Jesus drank wine. Wine means wine. Wine meant wine. Wine did not mean grape juice 2,000 years ago. The Bible is true and correct. The Bible does not say that drinking wine is a sin. The New Testament most certainly does not say drinking wine is a sin. Not anywhere. Don't preach to us about the Old Testament and its condemnation of drunkeness (which is not the same as drinking wine any more than gluttony is the same as eating dinner) unless you honor the Jewish Sabbath and obey all the old Leviticus rules like not eating shellfish, keeping kosher and everything else. If you are a Christian, you take as true everything, everything, the New Testament holds. In the New Testament, Jesus took wine, gave it to his disciples and said "Take this, all of you, and drink it." If you claim that drinking wine is a sin, then you are the person who is condemning Christ as a sinner, and you are, as other commenters have said, a blaspheming heretic who is damned to hell if Christ is God. Because you have blasphemed God, which the New Testament says is the only unforgiveable sin. Read your New Testament. Its the only unforgiveable sin. No amount of good intentions can save your soul from that. When you die, give our regards to Hitler.

    Bonnie Gibson

    You are turning Jesus into a sinner. Jesus says not to do anything that would be a stumbling block to your neighbor. If Jesus turned the water into alcohol, then he did something that was a stumbling block to many and he then would be a sinner which I know he is not.

    Proverbs Chapter 23 Vs. 29-33
    Who hath woe? Who hath sorrow? who hath contentions? Who hath babblings? Who hath wounds without cause?
    Who hath redness of eyes?
    They that tary long at the wine; they that to to seek MIXED wine. Look NOT upon the wine when it is red, when it giveth his color in the cup, when it moveth itself aright. (fermented) At the last it biteth like a serpent, and stingeth like an adder. Thine eyes shall behold strange women, and thine heart shall utter perverse things. Yea, thou shalt be as he that lieth down in the midst of the sea, or as he that lieth upon the top of a mast. They have stricken me, shalt thou say, and I was not sick; they have beaten me, and I felt it not; When shall I awake? I will seek it yet again.

    Boy, Jesus makes some dandy stuff according to you.

    Bengal Bayou

    Hurricane Katrina was an act of God. I think we can all stop talking about all of God's gifts being good and causing no harm.


    Blasphemy? It is blasphemy to say that it is not a gift from God. The Bible clearly says that Jesus turned water into wine and gave it to the guests at the wedding in Cana. It clearly says that Jesus gave wine to his disciples and said do this in memory of me. Anyone who denies this is not a Christian and blasphemes against the true Christ and Christianity. Bonnie Gibson claims to be a Christian, but she makes accusations that would turn Christ into a sinner. That is the true blasphemy. Bonnie is a heretic.


    Coconuts sometimes fall on people's heads and kill them. Is it blasphemy to call coconuts a gift from God? Babies sometimes get turned about in the womb and cause the mother to die in childbirth. Is it blasphemy to call babies a gift from God? Name one gift from God that never causes harm. Just because people sometimes misuse God's gifts does not mean that they are not God's gifts.

    Against Anti-Catholic Bigots

    When Catholics bring bread and wine to the alter, they call it giving the gifts, and they pray to God to let it become their spiritual drink. This woman who says it is not a gift of God does not understand her own beliefs, and falsely accuses God's true Church of blasphemy. She is worse than the town drunk.


    True of false: God made nature.
    True or false: alcohol ferments naturally.

    If you believe in God, and believe He is the creator, then alcohol is a gift from God, unless you think it wasn't a gift, and He made it just to be cruel to us.

    Bonnie Gibson

    Alcohol is NOT a gift from God. God doesn't give gifts that harm and kill. He is a God of love and only gives good gifts. That's pure blasphemy.

    Never will I believe that Jesus made an alcoholic beverage. But you just keep on drinking and believing what you want. We all have to answer to God for the things we do. Not for others.

    lex icon

    Perhaps if you outlawed alcohol for years, so that only outlaws drink, you might be right in your concern. Alcohol is a gift from God, and like any of His gifts, can be used improperly by persons of free will. But where I come from, it is absolutely not the case that most people abuse alcohol. Most drinkers I know are harmless social drinkers.

    Bonnie Gibson

    OK OK! But what confuses me is: God is all knowing right? He knew exactly what was going to happen from Genesis to Revelations. He could see the effects that alcohol would have on people from beginning to end.
    And though some of you drink but not abuse it, doesn't mean that millions of people do abuse it. I would be safe in saying that most people abuse it.
    I just can't see Jesus making or promoting something that he KNEW would be a stumbling block for many in days to come. There are hundreds of verses in the Bible that speak against using alcohol. The Bible will tell you that it destroys homes. Proverbs says, look not upon the WINE when it is red, when it moveth itself aright.That means fermented.
    It is a fact: People abuse alcohol. People consume it and kill on the highways. They consume it and beat up their spouses. The consume it and kill babies. Do you agree or disagree? Would you agree or disagree that drinking alcohol in access does these things? That's what we in Thomasville are fighting against. Not people that drink and can contain themselves. If I voted for allowing the sale of alcohol in my town and a little child or anyone was killed by someone who consumed alcohol in our town, I would feel responsible for it. Alcohol is evil if used in the wrong way. Most people use it in the wrong way.

    Charles Darwin

    Funny how "wine" means "grape juice" when it suits some wine-hating Christian's agenda, but if you suggest that "six days" was a metaphor for billions of years of evolution, suddenly a "day" only means a "day" and you are a heretic if you don't hang your scientific beliefs upon a literal reading of the Book of Genesis.

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