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    August 13, 2007


    super real

    That's the kind of image that i really thing is super image like. If more images very real like this were out there we'd be super full of graet images in the world.

    jack shen

    i don't see the big deal. he seems like a good guy when I talked to him... and a committed Lawyer.

    injury attorney west palm beach

    Wow. If even in legal records they cannot be legal, then how can that person achieved those records? He must have been desperate to get a client.


    P and M

    bob is also a landlord in Los Angeles with several lawsuits against he and his family for threatening tenants, withholding security deposits, etc. The guy is a complete douche. figures that he would need to steal someone else's profile.


    To Borrow From Dennis

    Honest lawyers don't have to claim the accomplishments of other lawyers.

    neda B. and melody E

    Bob Khakshooy is a honest lawyer who has represented my family and friends for years now. He has an outstanding reputation of client care and loyalty. Also, Mr. Khakshooy has worked hard with several non-profit organizations that aim to help disadvantaged youth across Los Angeles. He is an important leader in our community and should be honored for his commitment to excellence.

    Cal Lawyer Guy

    That guy still has that fake website verdict listing!


    Great lawyers don't have to claim the accomplishments of other lawyers.


    Khakshooy is a great lawyer!


    google still has it


    he took his profile down, what a tool

    some ambulance chaser

    I think the real one is the Boston guy. The LA guy sounds like he's full of ****. Hey Khakshooy, if you graduated from fUCLA summa cum laude, how come you didn't go to a better law school that Whittier?

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