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    August 29, 2007



    If you are talking about the sacking of the US attorneys, you don't know what you are talking about. The US attorneys office is a political appointment, and it has always been partisan for more than two centuries. If that is why you hated Alberto, you should have hated every AG in your lifetime.


    You are dead wrong. Alberto Gonzalez' Justice Dept has engaged in illegal and egregiously immoral activity.

    It speaks volumes about the state of modern conservatism that conservatives have no problem with a White House turning our Justice Dept into a partisan Republican hit squad. Banana republic, here we come.

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    Actually, Cow, I agree with you only for the same reasons you agree. I never liked him, and I'm not a fan of the Bush administration. I'm only a half-Republican. My party mates would call me a RINO (Republican in Name Only.)


    > He should have stepped down the moment he realized that he lacked the huevos to tell Congress it was none of their business why he sacked a handful of political appointees. When Congress wanted to know why he fired that handful of U.S. Attorneys, his answers shouldn't have "I don't recall." They should have been "I made those decisions for reasons that I don't have to explain to you. They were political appointments, and for each of those appointees, who serve at the pleasure of the president, there were political or performance reasons why we wanted them replaced, and we have no duty to even formulate what those reasons were, much less tell you."

    Even as someone who mostly leans liberal, I agree with you. If he, or anyone in the administration, had had the cajones to respond in such a manner, I'd respect them a lot more. And then Congress could have gone, "Oh,....right, you're right. We'll go off and fight a battle *actually worth fighting, and within our jurisdiction*," and maybe the country would have been better off on both sides. *sigh*

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