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    August 03, 2007


    lex icon

    I'm closing comments on this old thread. Start commenting on this new thread instead.


    who does everybody have winning it all?

    i thinks its going to be florida and ohio state in the title game, i think georgia has the best team but i think their tough schedule and florida's mental advantage over them will help the gators sneak into the championship game.

    i think it will be florida over ohio st in the title game.


    UCLA will choke in football, just like in basketball


    Next year the Pac 10 will have UCLA USC and Oregon all in the top ten at the end.

    lex icon

    I agree with the folks who say you shouldn't win the BCS title if you lose your conference. I would immediately agree, however, if we had an 8 team playoff. If its less than that, the first elimination should be conference titles. If you are #2 in your conference, you cant be #1 in the nation. I fail to see why seven more games (or 3 if you incorporate the existing BCS bowls as quarterfinal matches) would hurt college football. I'd have loved to have seen two more USC games. I'm not with you on the boycotting of bowls. Bowls are a blast, and I'm not going to miss them unless I'm just out of surgery or something.

    big college football fan

    the football season was pretty good. i would have liked to see a final four so i could see if georgia is better than lsu. i hate when people say you need to win your conference to be in the national championship. georgia had two losses like lsu did, so you cant penalize georgia because they had another team in their division win as much games as they did. you cant reward a usc or another champion from a cupcake conference for not being in as tough a conference as the sec. in my opinion georgia is better than lsu and is the best team in college football, we can sit here and compare and try to see whos better than who but well never know unless you put the teams on the field. thats why we need a playoff. i hate these pukes that say that's what makes college football unique, i say bull to that because we all know its about the money. the stupid bowl games that dont mean shit rakes in more money than a 8 team 7 game playoff or a 4 team 3 game playoff. we as fans need to boycott these stupid no meaning bowls until college football gives us an 8 team playoff.

    Nathan Frizzell

    basketball is admittedly a different matter...
    i was just curious to hear everyone's wrap-up on the season.

    Nathan Frizzell

    basketball is admittedly a different matter

    Dan the TroJan

    It's basketball season. No new information until at least signing day. I know you SEC guys don't want to compare conferences in basketball season, even though Florida was the best team the last two years. Unlike football, you can get stomped by your conference champion 2 or 3 times and still win a championship. For that matter, we don't need to debate whose road to the championship game is tougher. You just got to get to the postseason and win six games.

    Nathan Frizzell

    where did everyone go?

    have we settled the argument?

    SEC = #1
    Pac-10 = #3

    Bowl record: 7-2.
    Non-conference record: 47-10.
    Vs. other "big six" league foes: 12-9.
    Vs. non-conference bowl teams: 16-9.
    Vs. I-AA programs: 9-0.
    Number of teams in final Top 25: Five.
    Number of teams in final AP Top 25: Five.
    Number of teams in final USA Today Top 25: Five.
    Number of teams in final BCS Top 10: Two.
    Number of teams in final BCS Top 25: Five.
    Bowl Winners: Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Kentucky, LSU, Mississippi State, Tennessee. Losers: Arkansas, Florida. *Georgia and Mississippi State played non-"Big Six" foes.
    Of note: The SEC had a combined 18 wins against Conference USA and Sun Belt schools. Indeed, league schools went 26-1 against non-Big Six opponents, with the only loss being Alabama's shocker at home against Sun Belt

    Bowl record: 4-2.
    Non-conference record: 25-12.
    Vs. other "big six" league foes: 9-6.
    Vs. non-conference bowl teams: 12-10.
    Vs. I-AA programs: 2-0.
    Number of teams in final Top 25: Four.
    Number of teams in final AP Top 25: Four.
    Number of teams in final USA Today Top 25: Three.
    Number of teams in final BCS Top 10: One.
    Number of teams in final BCS Top 25: Two.
    Bowl Winners: California, Oregon, Oregon State, USC. Losers: Arizona State, UCLA. *Cal and UCLA played non-"Big Six" foes.
    Of note: Pac-10 members had the fewest games against I-AA schools of any of the "Big Six" leagues. They also were the only league that had at least one victory against teams from each of the other "Big Six" leagues. In addition, the league had a winning record against four of the other "Big Six" leagues and was .500 against the Big Ten.


    Check out UCLA's 2008 schedule. Eight teams that played in bowl games, seven of which won. Six teams that ended 2007 ranked: USC (No. 3), Tennessee (No. 12), BYU (No. 14), Arizona State (No. 16), Oregon (No. 23) and Oregon State (No. 25).
    The three non-conference games are, Fresno State (9-4), Tennessee (10-4) and BYU (11-2) which each won bowl games and finished a combined 30-10.


    No you silly felcher. Losing to unranked Arkansas at home right before the conference championship is what makes you the best team. USC's schedule had road games at the two most talented, if not successful after injuries, Pac 10 teams, plus road games against NU and ND, both of which were thought to be poised to have solid teams this year. USC's schedule just fell apart due to some injuries and some unexpectedly bad coaching in Lincoln and South Bend.


    im not blasting usc you doofus, i even praised usc a while back for having tough non conference schedules. but my point here is that usc's schedule this year wasnt as tough as lsu's schedule, when you usc fans were saying that it was. you say lsu is nt the best team? you think losing to stanford at home makes you the best team? usc according to ap voters wasnt even the 2nd best team, georgia was, and i happen to agree with them.

    Dan the TroJan

    First of all, LSU played a great game against Ohio State, and even though I had thought they weren't the best team in college this year, they are as deserving a champion as any in this crazy season, and the AP voters who picked them as #1 certainly can't be faulted.

    Gibberroon, your last comment shows what an ignorant short term football fan you are. To rip USC for scheduling Nebraska and Notre Dame. Show me a team that schedules two such proud football schools year in and year out (next year, Virginia, Ohio State and Notre Dame play the Trojans) and I'll show you a team that isn't in the SEC. Yes, this year Nebraska and Notre Dame both had their worst teams in decades, but you can't fault the schedule makers at USC, who picked these games years ago.

    USC did, however, play and beat five bowl teams in their final five games. You didn't mention that.


    Congratulations to NF's Tigers. They dominated that game. I hope my Trojans beat the hell out of the Bucks in September. It should be a top 5 matchup.

    Nathan Frizzell

    excuse me...
    LSU 38 Ohio State 24.

    Nathan Frizzell

    LSU 38 Ohio State 25!!!!


    this was a discussion about who had the tougher schedule and people here have been saying that the sec has whimpy schedules.

    lets take a look at usc's schedule,

    idaho(they suck),
    nebraska(they suck),
    notre dame(they really suck),
    stanford(they really suck and yall lost to them),
    washington state(sucks),
    arizona(theyre really bad and yall almost lost to them),
    ucla(not that bad but finished with a losing record),
    oregon state(decent),
    oregon(good team but doesnt matter because yall lost)
    cal(decent but didnt finish regular season with a winning record)
    arizona state(good team)

    you guys call that a tougher schedule than lsu's?

    lets take a look at lsu's schedule.

    ole miss(bad team but not worst than notre dame),
    virginia tech(top 10 team),
    auburn(good team and ranked),
    alabama(they beat a team you guys call the best in the east(tenn) by 24), tenn(you guys call this team the best in the east),
    florida(good team top 20),
    louisiana tech(bad team)
    miss st(not a bad team, just won a bowl game), kentucky(decent team), arkansas(decent team),
    tulane(bad team)
    south carolina(decent team)
    kentucky(decent team but they lost)

    lsu's schedule this year, a lot tougher than usc's. usc ended beating 4 teams with winning records. lsu has 9 wins over teams with winning records and one game left to go. dont call the sec's schedule whimpy just because it might not have been as tough as it was last year. and dont call the pac 10's schedule tough just because there were good teams not named usc. usc, asu, and oregon this year, 3 good teams instead of the usual 1 in usc. going to need more than just 3 good teams.

    Suffer now, Gibberroon, your team is a laughingstock for losing to Michigan in a bowl game. Stanford was then. Michigan is now.

    The comment about New England was the opinion of a sportswriter, not anyone here, fool. Just bringing you the bad news. Here's more:

    Mike Huguenin (
    The Pac-10 followed up on a strong regular season with a strong postseason. USC looked impressive in dismantling Illinois in the Rose Bowl. Despite poor quarterback play, Oregon State got to nine wins with a victory over Maryland in the Emerald Bowl. Even though they fell apart down the stretch, California and Oregon regrouped in time to get nice bowl wins. Cal rallied from a 21-0 first-half deficit to down Air Force in the Armed Forces Bowl. Oregon's performance was as good as anyone's in the postseason as the Ducks absolutely mauled USF in the Sun Bowl. Behind redshirt freshman QB Justin Roper, who was making his first college start, and TB Jonathan Stewart, who may have played his final college game, the Ducks' offense made what had been a good USF defense look like a Pop Warner unit. Arizona State's performance in the Holiday Bowl really is the only blemish for the league. UCLA finished 6-7, but still almost beat BYU in the Las Vegas Bowl despite injuries and an interim coach.

    As for the SEC, they are 6-2, but three of the wins came against weak competition (four if you think Hawaii isn't a strong team), and both losses were ugly. An LSU win in the Sugar Bowl would make up for the blemishes though.


    i feel the need to say this about the people that keep talking crap about florida losing to the team that lost to appalachian state. first of all, just because your in d1a, does not mean you are better than a team from d1aa, michigan found that out. if you are the best in d1aa, it doesnt mean you would be good in d1a, but being in d1a doesnt make you better than the best in d1a. appalachian state won its 3rd consecutive national championship so theyre a half way decent team. you cant say the same thing about notre dame or stanford. ive seen all 3 of those teams and i can tell you app state is the better out of the 3. michigan at least has some talented players, chad henne, mike hart, and mario manningham. notre dame and stanford have absolutely no one. dont get on to gators for losing to a team that lost to app state because i saw michigan beat 8 other opponents too. they beat a team that beat both stanford and ucla, so dont talk crap about the gators. cause i can poke fun at ucla and stanford that they lost to an even weaker team than app state in notre dame, and they lost to a team that lost to michigan. since you pac 10 fans think michigan is such a bad team and deserved to get kicked out of the top 25, then they go out and win 8 straight. and then you guys try to accuse me of dogging them when you guys were the ones that did.
    and for the comment about the patriots not dominating more than usc, that is totally your opinion. patriots just went 16-0, have won 3 superbowls, and have a high chance of getting their 4th. gosh i hate the patriots and youre making me defend them.

    lex icon

    I think you are right about those reasons, Nathan. They are legitimate arguments, and clearly enough voters bought them. They say a lot about the legitmacy of the polls though, don't they? After all, it wasn't the last week of the season when we learned that LSU had destroyed Virginia Tech earlier in the year, and although we did learn only then that LSU was the SEC champion, we did already know that Georgia didn't win its division, and LSU did.

    Nathan Frizzell

    Once again, Lex, I think you and I ultimately have similar views on this system. I guess it would have been better for me to say that LSU and Ohio State in the BCS Game is no more ridiculous than anyone else, you are right. And you're also correct in that LSU needed both Missouri to lose to OK and WVA to lose to Pitt. Now, I predicted MO would lose before the game, but WVA was sheer luck for us.

    But, I tell you why we so easily jumped VA Tech and Georgia: we destoryed VA Tech earlier in the season and we won the conference Georgia was in. True, it's all because of the voters, but that is what they were thinking.


    Tom Dienhart from The Sporting News

    "There's no doubt — USC is nation's best. And no team, not even mighty Patriots, has dominated more this decade."

    Mark Schlabach from ESPN

    "The No. 7 Trojans are better than both No. 1 Ohio State and No. 2 LSU, which will play for the BCS championship Monday night in the Louisiana Superdome."

    Dan the TroJan

    "you guys say usc is good and their conference is too? usc has won 6 straight pac 10 titles, meaning that they went to 6 straight bcs bowls, then how come during those 6 years no other pac 10 team made it to a bcs game?"

    I guess you'll admit, then, either that the Pac10 was great from 1995 to 2001, when seven different teams went to the Rose Bowl, or that your point was irrelevant.


    "i give it you hes most likely someone like you that is a bandwagon of the team" Gibberroon, you ignorant slut. Calling me a bandwagon fan is the dumbest thing you've said yet. I am hard core. That's why you are shit in arguments. You'll just toss out an insult straight out of your ass with no idea or care whether it is true. You lose again.


    Rocky Top isn't even Tennessee's fight song. That would be Here's to Old Tennessee, which they stole from Yale's Down The Field. Calling Rocky Top a fight song is like saying Sweet Caroline is a fight song. Just because they play it at the games doesn't make it a fight song. Read the lyrics. Not a fight song. To be the best fight song, it has to be a fight song. I'll save you the wasted effort of saying I don't know SEC football. I am as one of you called us a "southerner" who hates UT and their stupid fans who call for Fulmer's head every time the team loses even though Fulmer is the most successful coach they've ever seen. Most UT fans do not know a 4-3 from a 3-4, or a spread offense from a goal line offense. They just know that the recruiter raters give them a top ten class every year and those hillbillies think they will win another title every other year, even though UT really has just two real championships and the first one wouldn't have been a championship under current standards because they lost the bowl game right after. They don't support their team through thick and thin. They also don't know a fight song from a country hoedown.

    lex icon

    I agree with Hal. By definition, anyone who thinks Rocky Top is better than Fanfare, Conquest and Fight On is not really a USC fan, no matter how many times he pulls on the USC tshirt.

    Trojan Fan

    Sorry, gibberroon. I've known lex all my life and he's been an 'SC fan his entire life. We've also been personally going to the games together religiously since 1980's. That's over twenty years, of personal attendance, not four. Not to mention another 10+ years of watching on TV when we were younger. We've been through great years, some terrible years and are now enjoying great years again. We were still fans and went to the games throughout the 1990's when SC was pretty bad. So speak only of that which you know, not that which you assume. I think it is you that are the bandwagon fan. I've also seen your web page and saw that you lived in Florida, but "Florida Football and Basketball" You've probably only liked Florida's basketball team for the past few years, right? Additionally, we also won the title in 2003, not until 2004. An AP title counts as much as the mythical BSC title. Only SEC and LSU fans really dispute that one. If the BSC title was indisputed, the NCAA might recognize it as a true NCAA title, which it does not and it does not actually count toward NCAA championships won by schools. Finally, until some playoff system is put into place, it's all just still a matter of opinion as to who is the best. Many people around the country believe that this current, healthy USC team is probably the best football team in the nation, but it will not be crowned national champion. I would love to see USC play Ohio State, or LSU, or Georgia....then see who wins and we could know who truly is the best.


    correction to last sentence: usc bandwagons instead of uc


    i actually do have a roommate that does agree with me thank you very much and he is a usc fan for sure. i give it you hes most likely someone like you that is a bandwagon of the team and never followed them until they won it in 04. and if rocky top aint the best college fight song, than it aint that dumb usc fight song where you fans do that stupid swaying of the peace sign back and forth. and if you do say it is the best fight song than your a usc fan, just like if you say app state's win over michigan is a bigger upset than stanford over usc. stanford might be better than app state, even though most people agree that app state is better, but usc is a lot better than michigan so stanford's win over them is bigger. and to add to your list lex to why usc is bandwagonned, its also because usc is always the only good team in the pac 10 and they know it, all other pac 10 teams knows it, thats why you only see uc bandwagons and not anybody else.


    Gibberroon, you do not have a usc fan roommate that agrees with you that the best and most catchy fight song is rocky top. Only southerners think that. There is not a USC fan alive who thinks that. If your roommate thinks that, he is not a USC fan.

    lex icon

    I don't agree that no other team has a better argument than LSU or Ohio State. Both lost home games to unranked teams in November. But then again, Kansas lost its division like Georgia. Oklahoma got upset late. Missouri lost the Big XII title game. WV lost late. USC lost to Stanford. Hawaii played Hawaii's schedule. But LSU is in the game for one reason only: voters preferred them in the game instead of other options like Oklahoma USC, Georgia or Virginia Tech. LSU was behind Virginia Tech and Georgia going into the last poll, and moved from #7 to #2 even though neither of those teams lost or did anything to cause voters to downgrade them. Simply put, if WV beats Pitt, LSU would have been ranked no higher than #5.

    My opinion on Georgia is just an opinion. Reasonable people can certainly believe that LSU is actually better than Georgia. I also believe that in the current system, letting Georgia play for the title in a one-game playoff (which is what the BCS is) would be wrong, for the reasons you point out, Nathan, so I don't really quibble with the decision to put LSU in that game. It was no more screwed up than any other pick. If they win, however, it will be the least impressive BCS or any other championship to date. For the good of the game, an Ohio State win would be best. I understand LSU and SEC fans will feel differently.

    Nathan Frizzell

    i respect your point of view, Lex.
    however, the point you made is based on the supposition that Georgia is, indeed, better than LSU. I'd like to point out that not only did Georgia not win the SEC, it didn't even win its own division in the SEC. So, because we can never really know if Georgia is indeed a superior team, all we should really be going on is a) who won the conference that Georgia is a part of? and b) which team does the current ruling championship system- flawed though it may be- place at the top and why?

    Because, let's just say LSU does win the BCS Title, is it fair to LSU to say Georgia (or USC for that matter) MIGHT be a better team even though that can never be proven and the numbers don't prove that?

    I think a playoff system would be best. But, while the current system is in place, and really no other team has a better argument than LSU or Ohio State do to get in to The Game, we should just accept it as is and try to enjoy the game.


    lsu is about to get as much national championships as usc does this coming week in this century and im way more impressed with lsu(if they do it) simply because they are in the sec. usc does not play nearly as tough a schedule as any sec team does year in and year out. usc is good, but its easier to make it to the title game when your conference isnt that good. theres not a usc of the sec because the sec is good as a whole. its evident because usc not only are they only team from the pac 10 to win a bcs title game, theyre the only ones to make it their. and my point about the bandwagonning is that im not a bandwagon. and it made me mad that a usc fan accused me of being one because usc is the team that has the most bandwagons. and you guys dont have the best fight song, i have a usc fan roommate that agrees with me that the best and most catchy fight song is rocky top tennessee. you guys say usc is good and their conference is too? usc has won 6 straight pac 10 titles, meaning that they went to 6 straight bcs bowls, then how come during those 6 years no other pac 10 team made it to a bcs game? man i wish there was a playoff, dumb pac 10 and big ten people are opposed it. an sec team is winning it all this year or at least has a chance. take that pac 10.

    lex icon

    Gibberroon, USC has two classes of fans. The diehard tradition loving fans who have followed this team unlike fans of any other school save a handful like Michigan, Notre Dame, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma and a few others. Florida isn't even in the same ballpark. Then there are the bandwagon fans. Sure, USC has more of those than other other school, because USC's bandwagon is the most attractive out there. 6 straight BCS bowls (5-1), 6 straight seasons with 11 or more wins. What's not to love? Our band has been on Billboard top hits. Our fight song is played in movies and was played while the US Navy was taking islands in the Pacific in WWII. Our song girls are the prettiest in the country. And our team is the most dominant in college football this century, hands down, not even a close second. Don't blame the true fans, like everyone here, simply because there are USC bandwagon fans in your neck of the woods. There aren't any Sacramento State bandwagoners in Southern California. That's actually a plus for the Trojans, not a negative.

    The fact that they sell USC jerseys like hotcakes in places like the ESPN Zone in Orlando doesn't make USC's true cardinal and gold fans and less great than they've always been.

    lex icon

    If Hawaii had done the unexpected, and knocked off Georgia, which was absolutely without debate one of the four best teams in college football this season (along with USC, LSU and tOSU), Hawaii's claim for #1 would be a good one. I think Hawaii deserved a shot at the title not because I thought they were the best team, but because they had earned it. Now that Georgia beat them so soundly, I'd say they have lost their right to claim they were ripped off. But good for them anyway. It was a great season for them.

    I believed, late in the season, that USC and Georgia were the two best teams in football, notwithstanding their earlier losses. Georgia didn't win their division, much less their conference, so they didn't get a title shot at the expense of a conference winner, under the weird BCS system. The pollsters agreed, jumping a LSU team that is probably slightly inferior over the Bulldogs. Ask yourself this: if West Virginia had beaten Pitt, does anyone really believe that Georgia wouldn't have been ranked ahead of LSU?

    I wish USC had played Georgia in the Rose Bowl so that the winner of that game could lay claim to a shot at the AP title. As it stands now, I think both of those teams are superior to each of the teams in the BCS title game, but neither has much of a shot at being voted #1 in the AP poll.

    The reason Georgia isn't being mentioned along with USC is probably mostly due to two things: (1) the role that injuries played in USC's losses, and how dominant they've looked since getting their line and QB healthy; and (2) Georgia didn't win their conference or division. Of course, maybe they are, and its just in a different article. Many people are thinking, how can you call Georgia #1 ahead of LSU when LSU won the conference? I could see Georgia ending up #2 if LSU beats the Buckeyes. I also think if there was an 8 team playoff, I think most people would expect the winner of the USC-Georgia game, whether that was in the finals, the semis or quarters, to win it all.


    i am a bandwagon new york yankee fan i admit, but i am not a bandwagon gator fan. if you paid attention to the things ive said before i lived in gainesville when i first started watching college football. since you ignorant fans have never been to sec territory, let me tell you that there is almost nothing loved more in the south than college football. dont even get me started with bandwagonning because there is not one team in college football where there are more bandwagon fans than usc. i live in norcal, and there are more usc fans here, norcal just norcal, not socal, than there are cal and stanford fans combined. who knows how much more bandwagon usc fans there are outside of california. so dont call me a bandwagon gator fan when you know when usc is the most bandwagonned team you son of a bitch. i like the sacramento kings and i live in sacramento, are you going to accuse me of being a bandwagon now? i compare usc football to the lakers of 2000 to 2002. usc thinks they are the most hated, but in reality they are the most liked team just like the lakers were. and its very evident that usc is bandwagonned because there were probably about 10 times less usc fans before they won it in 04 so dont accuse me, accuse your so called fellow usc fans of being bandwagons. georgia is the best team from what ive seen, usc second. and get off the gators and the sec. you guys were mad at les miles at the beginning of the season when he called out the pac 10 because you guys knew he was right. the pac 10 is always, ALWAYS usc and 9 cupcakes.

    Nathan Frizzell

    and, of course, in the above statement when I said "LSU's defeat", I meant LSU's victory.

    Nathan Frizzell

    I don't like to make absolute predictions because I fear jinxing the Tigers.

    BUT...suffice to say that it should be a great game, as both teams have tremendous talent and great coaches.

    I was in the Superdome a few years back when LSU won THE National Championship, and I remember that probably one of the biggest factors in LSU's defeat was the crowd. Every time the Sooners made a great play or scored, their fans were completely drowned out and overwhelmed by LSU fans. If I had to pick one intangible that gives LSU a slight advantage, I think Ohio State might find themselves thrown off by the insanity that is a Superdome filled with rowdy, LSU fans who want another National Title REALLY REALLY badly.


    Dan the TroJan

    "actually, i believe Michigan beating Florida says more about the Gators and Urban Meyer than it does about michigan." The wisdom of an honest SEC fan who isn't a delusional Gator fan.

    So Frizzell, now that Michigan beat Florida, Wisconsin fell to Tennessee and Illinois got destroyed by the Trojans, how do you think your Tigers are going to do against Ohio State?

    Nathan Frizzell

    I would like to hear what the folks on this board have to say about The Sugar Bowl. already has an article about possibly giving USC a share of the National Title because of their impressive win over 9-4 Illinois.

    But... not one mention of Georgia's case for a share was made. Which is indicative of the media bias in favor of USC. After all, Georgia steamrolled a team that many sportswriters and a LARGE NUMBER OF PEOPLE ON THIS BOARD said should rightfully be in the National Championship game. The sole undefeated team in the nation. And the Bulldogs defeated Hawaii by a larger margin that USC did Illinois.

    That being said... what are the thoughts on that of this largely PAC-10 board?

    Nathan Frizzell

    yes i did write that about michigan.
    i am not impressed with michigan even still to this day. they have not played one game this season that impressed me.

    actually, i believe Michigan beating Florida says more about the Gators and Urban Meyer than it does about michigan. after all, with Carr leaving, everyone should have expected a coach like that to throw everything at his team's opponent. and that's what they did. i think the victory over FL was Michigan playing better than their opponent- who underestimated and was obviously not prepared for them. that's Florida's cross to bear. it doesn't make any difference to me.

    Sacto State Sucks

    Gabriel Bunggay, aka gibberoon, I ask you again, would you just shut the fuck up, please?? Your comments are as bad as the school you actually attend. If you love Florida so much, why are you not a student there? You came to UCLA, oh no, you lied about that, it was Cal State Los Angeles (slight difference). You attend Sacramento State, not an SEC school. You are a bandwagon fan, a fraud. You like the New York Yankees and U of Florida Football and basketball (you felt the need to point that out, instead of just saying Florida). Don't like any of Florida's other sports teams? Also, did you ever live in New York, or are you just a bandwagoner?? How about the SF Giants or Oakland A's. (you did live in the bay area). Oh wait, they don't win championships, so you don't like them. Go back to your hole in Sacramento, where your college couldn't compete with the PAC-10 team you constantly bash and I'm sure don't have the grades to get in, Stanford. Leave this blog alone and watch other things you claim to like: Little Miss Sunshine and Titanic, dumbass.


    lets not spend that much time about whos the better team out of fla and tenn. ill end it right here like i ended it a while back ago.....fla 59 tenn 20. discussion over florida's better. app state beat michigan, michigan beat notre dame, notre dame stanford, stanford beat usc, usc won the pac 10, so according to you guys app state is better than the pac 10 huh? but wait, michigan beat florida today, michigan also beat illinois, florida beat kentucky, illinois beat ohio state, kentucky beat lsu, and lsu and ohio st are in the title game. according to you app state is better than our national champion. football doesnt work like that. cant say tenn is better than florida because tenn beat uga and uga beat florida, because i can point out that florida beat tenn. i will tell you this though, georgia beat hawaii, hawaii beat washington, washington beat cal, cal beat oregon, and oregon beat usc. georgia right now is the best team in the nation, as much as i hate to admit that, they are number 1.


    Gibberroon, you were a guy who said Michigan deserved to drop out of the top 25 for losing to AppState. But you're right. They aren't a bad team just because of that loss. If Florida went 6-3 in the SEC, one can only imagine how much better Michigan's record would have been if they had played an SEC schedule. Ha.


    Nathan, are you the same guy who wrote: "Lex and Co.,
    I'm sorry but I'm no longer impressd with anyone's (see Oregon) win over Michigan now. Michigan has now lost to 2 UNRANKED teams. To me, that does not make the fact Oregon beat them impressive, so much as it does fulfilling an obligation."

    How impressed then are you with Florida's narrow loss to those Wolverines?

    Good luck to your Tigers next week though. I think I hate the Buckeyes more than I dislike Les Miles.

    Dan the TroJan

    Not that I care about that Tennessee against Florida issue, but remember this: "anybody want to try to prove me wrong now in saying tenn is not better than florida? dumb pac 10 fans, even tennessee will admit florida is better than them."

    Tennessee beat Wisconsin (9-3) in its bowl game.
    Florida lost to Michigan (8-4) in its bowl game.

    Where are all the Volunteer fans who will admit that Florida is better than them? I just went to the ESPN board for Tennessee and I didn't see any.

    Dan the TroJan

    The ultimate delusional Gator fan. Laughing about his team losing a bowl game to hapless Michigan. Who has more national championships "since last year"? That would be neither team. In a few days, that distinction will belong to Ohio State or LSU only. Laugh all you want Gabby Buns. I'm celebrating tonight and you are not. If USC losing to 5-7 Stanford but still winning a BCS bowl floats your boat, enjoy being happy. I'm loving it. USC's graduating seniors have as many or more NCs as any other graduating class. They have more wins and more BCS games and more BCS wins that any other school's graduating class. Gator fans would rather lose four times, including their bowl game to the season's laughingstock? Yeah, right. Just keeping talking. We know you are self-loathing and that you are in agony tonight, or else you wouldn't be trolling this USC fan's blog. If "you guys got upset by a 4-8 team" and "oh yeah, well you didn't get the national championship again" are your best comebacks, you should probably just stay out of the conversation.

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