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    November 07, 2007


    It's beed a weak. Did the lawyers do anything?

    lex icon

    Retraction? I'll offer just this: that silly new mother of twins who seems to think her younger kid is the older one isn't nearly as foolish as her foulmouthed sister-in-law, KB.

    Gramur Notsi

    It's "Daylight Saving" not "Daylight Savings."

    Sue for discrimination? If the lawyers in your family are loving this, they must not have gone to a very good law school.

    You need to learn how to post comments to the right story. If you don't know how, ask a friend.


    You better remove that story ( daylight savings twins) or you will be sued and you will get some nasty hate mail! If you had children you would understand what a miracle it is. And it just so happens to be a neat and funny story to tell. Do we all think she is older no we know how it works. But now the lawyers in our family are loving this bc we can sue for defamation, discrimination oh you name it. So I expect a retraction and an apology.

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