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    November 11, 2007


    I have formed a mental image and would not want it blown by reality.

    does anyone know where to find a picture of this doofus?

    Self-esteem is overrated. This is what happens when the schools are afraid to tell kids that they are wrong. Eventually, they go into the real world and make an ass of themselves.

    The purpose of this story was to show the world what a dolt Tina Farrell of Levenshulme is.

    Camelot should have used the Kelvin temperature scale

    Wait. There might be more fun and profit to offer her a better prize, like -£10,000 cos that's more init?


    I think she is quite within her right to claim a prize. Give her the -£5,000 now and be done with her.

    weather genius

    today was a very cold -3, but tomorrow will be a much warmer -11.

    I think she should be spending her money on some maths books rather than wasting them on scratchcards....

    She says the cards do not say look for a lower temperature! The one scanned next to her photo does!

    Agreed. Confirmed. The lottery IS a tax on the stupid.

    Unbelievable, not only is she so stupid, she couldn't see she hadn't won, or subsequantly realise it, but then she takes the chance to publicise her total stupidity to anyone on the planet with a computer that wants to read about it!

    Wait a minute. How is 6 larger than 8?

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