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    November 07, 2007


    She grins like a Muppet.

    So what you guys are saying is that the girl wasn't actually born first even though the time is earlier? Shennanigans. Next you'll be telling me that people born on February 29th actually get older every year.

    This is bullshiat...the brother is older...dont give me that crap about what the clocks said. This is like when someone is born on Leap Day and when they are 20 someone says they are only 5 because there have been only 5 leap days

    This woman has a masters in journalism from Evanston and this is the kind of crap she writes?


    It's kind of like how people think that a 20-year-old is only 5 because they were born on February 29. Is it really that hard to understand, people? Stupid...

    Old Abby

    Dear Abby:

    I gave birth on vacation in France. Two hours later, my sister had her kid in California. Now she claims that her son is older than mine. How do I handle this outrage?

    Doesn't Get It.

    Dear Doesn't:

    Call a local news reporter who's having a slow news day. You'll be famous. A lot of people will think you are a moron, but you'll be a famous moron for 15 minutes.

    Here's a mom of twins who is an even bigger fool


    I feel sorry for all of the friends and relatives who are going to hear about how brother-is-really-older-but-technically-sis-is-older-because-of-daylight-saving- time-and-isn't-that-funny every year for the rest of their lives.

    So the girl did not come first.

    Who cares!

    She'll get used to it.

    “We'll let them work that out between themselves. I don't want to get into the middle of it,” Jason Cirioli said.


    Yeah, but you're exempt when it's your sister.

    Peter, you're always supposed to let the girl come first.

    What a bunch of BS. Clearly these people don't understand that time is simply a human perception...

    Must be a slow news day.


    Fuck offfffffff! It is amazing and the parents aren't fools!! I guarantee they are smarter than you, have more compassion than you, and by all means are better people than you. So screw you they just had twins you asshole I doubt you could take on such a feat.

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