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    April 12, 2008



    It's gone guys, give it up. It's no fair but its gone. I still don't understand why he would continue to make new items if in a week or two they would all be useless. Just so you know Alan is right if you spent your real money on virtual stuff your dumb as nails. What was that previous post $800.00 ON ONE PAIR OF FRIKKIN GREEN THONG SANDALS. Now that it's in all caps does it look any stupider. Still I do have social issues and the only place i could make friends was on VMK, church and runescape, runescape I don't much care for though. I am a strong supporter of VMK and I am extremely pissed at Yavn. He promised an endless world of dreams, but all we were left with was an endless stream of tears. My stream of emotions: from :) to :( to :*( to :| to >:|. I will always stay on that last one. I remember my best trade ever: my friend decided he would be generous I got full grey mansion, bird hat, sparrow, yellow spacesuit, and inferno all for one, yes ONE feather mask :P. One final note: have a nice life, to all my friends, miss you all forever :*( and luv ya mummy and duh duh

    Tech geek

    “It never achieved scale,” Steve Wadsworth, president of the Walt Disney Internet Group, said in response to questions last month at the EconSM conference. “It was promotional. There was no business model attached to it. It had a small but passionate audience.”


    My name was Abbiepirate on vmk. I live thousands of miles away from the real disney, and played vmk waiting for my next holiday there.One day i logged on and found out vmk was closing.I am like nine years old and i was shocked. I had only just been to disney, and all the quests i had done there had been a waist of time.So all i do on the computer now is try and find games like vmk. I do play toontown but its not the same, and im not going to pay for it.


    VMK was te best game i ever play i have make so many friends that i cant not in my rael life its was good to talk to the fans of Disneyland. i buy a new pc one day befor vmk close and i how not be info about i have wait long time to get a new pc to play vmk beguse my old pc was 20 minutes to log in to vmk i dont get why it close all love it wa also know eu if u ask me i thing there shot open vmk agin wel thank u for lisen to me vmk fans.

    Michael Simonsen 15 old big Disney fan


    OMFG. It's really over.

    VMK's five stages of grief

    Denial: "This is impossible! Disney would never close VMK!"
    Anger: "But Yavn told us that there were big plans for the future!"
    Bargaining: "I'll pay to play! I'll sign the petition!"
    Depression: "What am I going to do now?"
    Acceptance: "It's OK. Life goes on."


    We have just one month left! Keep writing those letters and making those phone calls!

    The Motley Fool

    From a business standpoint, Disney is making a huge mistake with this.

    Not Seth

    Yavn took down his Facebook page.


    As a teacher and Disney fan, I found a way to connect with my students through VMK. We often “meet” on VMK after school for some Disney fun. This bond I have worked hard to build is being torn away. My students are disheartened, as if in some way they are losing a part of their teacher. I am hoping Disney will do the right thing and leave VMK alone. There are so many ways Disney could capitalize on marketing VMK, it seems foolish from a financial stand point to pull the plug on a successful venture. But what do I know? I’m just a consumer, family member, teacher, friend, traveler, and role model to hundreds of children.

    The Truth

    Here is the real reason VMK is closing. Their deal with Habbo is up and there is nothing they can do about it.

    lex icon

    So true. Disney is looking like the pig in this scenario.


    Reply to VMK Player and anyone else who thinks my comments were NASTY:

    Actually, your guessing about my life is wrong. I have quite a nice life. I have been married for over 7 years to a wonderful wife; we own a home in a fantastic part of Orange County; we both have advanced college degrees (Doctorate and Masters Degrees). We enjoy spending time with our beautiful 4 year-old daughter. Among other things, we love to travel; we play games together; read stories; watch movies; and yes, even go to Disneyland quite a bit. We also have several hobbies that we enjoy. To be upset about VMK shutting down is one thing. To attempt to organize protests, or to waste time writing letters to Disney Executives, or to attempt to get the story on television news channels and boycott Disney for this is ludicrous.

    Have you ever heard the expression that "You should never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and it annoys the pig." ? This is just like that. Disney's the pig, but you're just annoying it and wasting your time.


    If anyone had told me 18 months ago that I would be petitioning for an online game to remain open, I would have thought they were out of their minds. I have never been interested in computer games, I am a cross-word puzzle kind of person, but VMK speaks to me as no other game ever has. VMK is more than just playing games, it has become a community, a family that I share my love of Disney Parks with. It truly has become "more than the sum of its parts".

    My love for Disney is deep, and although my heart is hurting because they are shutting down VMK, I would never punish myself by threatening to cut off my association with them. On the other hand, neither am I willing to accept them mollifying me with promises of a new online game to replace VMK.


    From a Mother's Heart...

    It's about 4am now on April 8...3 hours after VMK closed for the night. I just checked in on my daughter (MonkeyRulz on VMK) who was still awake. She was crying...crying because we just found out that VMK was going to close. The thought of her losing all of her VMK friends was just too much for her to bear. No one thinks that children have much stress in their lives, but they do. Last summer she had surgery to remove a soft tissue mass on her thumb. Through the tears and the pain, she still was able to type to friends far and near in her virtual Magic Kingdom. This is what saved both of our sanities during this time. Her VMK friends was who she counted on while she was lying on the couch only able to use one hand to type. Her VMK friends was what made her forget her pain.

    My daughter was recently diagnosed with a form of arthritis, which has has helped to explain many of her health issues over the past few years. She currently has a lot of inflammation in her thumb, which causes numbness and pain. Medication has not yet been successful to heal it. She is a very strong person but when she accidentally hits her thumb, the tears fall like there is no tomorrow. She turns to her VMK friends for support all the time. When she is with them, all I hear is laughter. If VMK closes, it would be like her closest friends just left her. No more cheering up, no more support, no more enjoying each other's company, no more forgetting about that big test coming up tomorrow, no more goodnight hugs and waves with friends across the miles...

    For almost 3 years I knew my VMK friends would always be there for me...they were there when I had my gallbladder (gold.blot.her) taken out last summer. What real friends would have stayed with me when all I was able to do is lie around in bed for weeks? My VMK friends...that's who. These friends have become very much a part of my everyday life and I treasure them. I want VMK to continue as it always has...I had no idea it was not supposed to last this long. But I also didn't know that my little virtual self would wander around and make friends who have become near and dear to my heart. I don't think any of us really knew that when we first started.

    My daughter and I joined VMK before Frontierland was added. Since that time, we have both met wonderful people from all over the world...some of them have become a part of our real day to day lives. To those friends I have met in person...I thank you for your friendship. I am so grateful that we have met, and even moreso that you will continue to be a part of my life. To those friends inside the game who I have not had the pleasure of meeting: I thank you too, for your friendship and all the wonderful times we have had. I am indeed the luckiest girl in the world to have friends like you.

    Monkey and I never realized how greatly we would feel this loss...the majority of VMK players feel the same way. We do not want to lose our friends, nor the Disney magic, and we are willing to pay to keep it going. How can wanting to continue the magic be a wrong thing? In the true spirit of Disney hearts, friends and family would not suffer a loss as great as this. What started out as a small virtual game, has indeed grown into something so much more. This little "game" has grown into a huge community of friends, families and true Disney lovers. In the midst of A Year of a Million Dreams, it's hard to believe that friends and families will just go away.

    Sure we tried playing other games over the past few years...but it was never the same. We always went back to VMK. No other game brings Disney magic right into our home inbetween trips to the real parks. No other game. If you can think of another game that makes me yell out "flawless," or "awesome," while watching real Disney's fireworks light up the sky, please tell me. There just isn't a replacement. You may not have created this game for us to grow an extension of ourselves in the virtual world, but that's what happened. Everything in the Disney parks make us think of VMK as always will. When VMK closes, I will have suffered a great loss...just how do you say goodbye to so many friends who you still treasure so much?

    We are not alone in our feelings...there are so many families and friends who play VMK and enjoy Disney magic together...families who cannot be together in their real lives, such as mothers and fathers who are in the military and cannot visit their children. Without VMK, they would not have this opportunity to share Disney magic whenever they can. There are children who cannot see their moms or dads because of a divorce; and families who just live too far away to physically be there for each other. These families depend greatly on Disney's VMK. Then there are those who are of ill health, who depend on VMK to forget about their health issues. I have a treasured friend who needs to use a wheelchair, but in VMK she can stand taller than her husband, who also plays VMK with their two children. I can't even begin to count the numerous autistic children I have come across who have reached out in VMK and finally made a connection...children who have had no direction have been found to blossom and become outspoken because of this "game." I have a wonderful friend (Smackeralchick on VMK) who has twin of them has autism and is experiencing great sadness over the news. Her other daughter, Dlandchick, has been battling cancer for more than a year now. In the darkest days of her treatments, she knows she can login to VMK and find loving and caring friends and family who support her from across the miles. There are many more adults and children who have cancer, or another serious illness who depend on VMK as their magical "getaway." VMK is for everyone wanting just a little piece of Disney magic. We know we can login, and share our good days and our bad...with friends and families we have grown to treasure.

    Whatever you'd like to call VMK -- whether it be a "game," an "application," a "promotion..." things have changed tremendously since its opening. It has grown into a real life community with living and breathing souls behind those cute little characters. Disney does not destroy dreams, it creates them. Please don't take our dreams away.

    AmberDaze on VMK


    VMK is not your ordinary game. It's a community. You don't go into it and immediately have some task to do. You never have a task to do unless you want to. Anyone who has been to the parks and loved them would also love VMK. You go in through the Esplanade and go in through the gates. On the other side of the gates is Main Street. At then end of Main Street right in front of our own castle is our very own Partners statue. VMK has all your favorite lands and includes Popular landmarks such as the Emporium, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, the Haunted Mansion, Tom Sawyer's Island and much more. You can even have your very own fireworks show every night.
    In VMK you can just walk around and explore or sit on a bench and watch people go by. You can play mini-games for credits (in game money), shop in the stores and decorate your own rooms. You can create your own versions of rides or be as creative as you can. You can also trade furniture, posters, clothes and pins or you can just hang out with your friends.
    Friends is what really makes VMK special. Many people have formed very closed friendships. Some are kids with various forms of Autism and many previously had no friends at all before joining VMK. Others have or are fighting diseases or disabilities and their friends on VMK are the only people who will comfort them.

    Due to the fact that we can not give out any personal information, including our real names, most of these friendships will be lost forever.

    For those that may think that we are dumb and/or don't have lives, sorry to disappoint you. Many of us are actually adults with families. Many families play together as this is the only place on the internet that appeals to all family members. I know of some households (with well educated adults) where all members play. The kids and the parents. There are even aunts and uncles and grandparents playing. Fact is, there are people from the age of 3 up through their 70's playing. All for various reasons. When VMK disappears, many of these families will basically have to split up and not have play time together.

    This is splitting up friends and families and affecting so many kids and adults that use VMK as a way to get through their days in a friendly place.

    VMK player

    Reply to Alan and all others who have NASTY comments -
    We have lives - but I am guessing that you do not, since you are spending your time telling other people how useless they are. Some of us have kids that we enjoy playing this game with. Some of us have family and friends that live far away that we could not socialize with otherwise. If you are so important, why are you wasting your time telling us that we need to get lives. This is a hobby that we love. Why wouldn't we be upset?

    VMK player

    I am an avid VMK ( Virtual Magic Kingdom- a massively multiplayer Online Game ) player and parent of two 9 year olds that are also avid players. Our family is devastated by the news that Disney has decided to close our beloved game. This is the one place online that recreates the disney experience in a way that keeps us wanting to visit the parks. We have booked trips, bought movies, and many other disney products all because of this game. We have saved and saved to make our Disney park trips happen mainly because the game renewed our love of all things Disney. Without it, we will no longer spend all of our vacation dollars at Disney. I understand that this is a financial decision, but this could be the biggest mistake Disney makes. This game is a brilliant stroke of genius when it comes to advertising and promotion. Do not underestimate the passion of the VMK community. Everyone I know from the game spends lots of hard earned real money to buy things for this virtual game. I can tell you that I, for one am canceling my Disney Movie Club subscription and will not be taking our annual eight day vacation to WDW. And I am not alone. There are many, many players that were only spending that money because of this game and its rewards. Virtual rewards that I remind you, cost Disney next to nothing.

    This tiny little online community has become so special to us and it gives us a place to play online together, as a family. It has kept my children out of trouble. It has taught them how to work towards a goal, to build terrific things, and to think through problems. It has helped teach my children to respect others and to give whatever they can to help others.

    We have met many wonderful friends through this game, many of whom will be life long friends now. Some of these friends are children with illnesses such as autism and leukemia that we never would have met otherwise. This game has brought so many people together and created such an incredible love for disney. Please keep VMK alive and maybe give us the option to pay to play. The other Disney games just do not compare in anyway to the community of VMK. Please do not take the magic of VMK away.

    It is a sad sad day when the powers that be think that no one cares when thousands of kids lose their favorite hobby, their favorite place to connect with friends. You cannot replace the magical feelings these children have felt while playing this wonderful game that represents all things Disney with games that are promotion specific. What I mean is that VMK has the capability to promote every aspect of Disney; the parks; the movies; the pins; and almost all of the products in some way. These new games and worlds are specific to only one aspect of Disney. Cars online, Fairies, and even POTC Online can only promote that one aspect. Why would Disney purposely remove something that so obviously has so much potential to be HUGE to try to replace it with games and worlds that have such limited potential? VMK already has a Huge, loyal fan base. It already has unlimited promotional potential. It has already caused many people to visit the parks, buy the movies, and buy Disney products. Was this decision made because Disney believes that no one would pay to play this game? That seems to be the case, since they are pushing everyone to pay for games that are only about one small part of Disney. None of these new games will give anyone that complete Disney experience the way VMK does. Yet, we were never even offered the option to pay to play. This doesn't make any sense. Disney is spending $100 million on new virtual games that do not have the unlimited potential or the established fan base that VMK has. This seems like it should a common sense decision to me - go with what works! Build on what you have, there is no need to start over.
    This little world is not so little - there are close to a million characters, and we have recently been told by some staff of VMK that there are about 250,000 active players. The decision to close this "little world" will effect thousands of children and thousands of adults. This community means so very much to so, so many people. People with illnesses that limit their social abilities, people who live far away from each other, people - real people that have found a virtual way of staying in contact in ways that no other game offers. The players of VMK are like no others. Most of them are wonderful, caring, giving people that share a love for the Disney Magic. Everyone of the players share a common thread, something that brings them all together - a love for Disney. Where else in the real world or any virtual one, can you find a place where everyone has a common love? No where. This game has helped so many children and people of all ages connect in ways they never would have anywhere else. In VMK we are all kids (even if we aren't), we are all healthy, and we can all play together. There is no age, there is no color, there is no illness. In VMK we are all equal. You cannot find another family friendly, safe environment online anywhere else that can bring so many people together in so many ways. VMK is the o nly place that can do all of these things. If Walt Disney could see what the loss of this game is doing to so many people, he would never allow it. What happened to Disney magic? Disney is taking it away.


    Dear Mr. Iger,

    I am writing to tell you about a magical place. A place where young and old can gather to play, learn and enjoy the Disney Magic. A place envisioned by an amazing man who dreamed of places where families could gather and have fun leaving behind the real world when they entered. A place that only the magic and creativity of Disney could build.

    Where is this place you may ask? It sounds magical and fun. The first thought you may have of course is that it is Disneyland- but this is not the place I speak of. It is a form of Disneyland in a different technological age. The place I speak of is Virtual Magic Kingdom.

    VMK started out as what Disney thought would be a promotion for the 50th anniversary of Disneyland. So they built this amazing virtual world to replicate Walt’s amazing Disneyland.

    They threw open the gates and invited us in. We came slowly at first but once word spread we grew. VMK did not become an online park where we entered for a while then left. It became a community built by its players. A community of young and old, sick and well, and people of all races from near to far off distant countries. Here we found a place that evoked the Disney spirit in all of us. We played, danced, built rooms and formed friendships in the spirit of the man himself Walt Disney.

    VMK was growing and becoming more popular so that when the promotion ended the gates were left open and our community flourished. There is no place like it on the Web where children and adults can play in a safe controlled atmosphere. I personally found a place where I and my 13 year old son could be together. We shared in this wonderful kingdom built only as Disney can do-amazing graphics, fun games, a sense of being part of the parks and much pixie dust.

    They created our characters to look lifelike, like little people. We named them, dressed them, and formed their personalities. They became part of us. We look forward and enjoy seeing our little people everyday.

    Suddenly on April 7th we were hit with an unbelievable devastating blow. On May 21, 2008 our kingdom, our community will cease to exist. The shock that took over was beyond belief. I felt numb, weak, and sick to my stomach, like I had been hit by a bat. How can this happen? How can a company as compassionate as Disney allow the doors of our Kingdom to close?

    The news crushed my 15 year old son (slinkyman). VMK has become part of his life, part of his daily routine. A day is not complete without seeing his little person who he created to look like himself. After a few moments the shock and reality sank in and the tears started to flow. WE hugged and just cried asking how, why, how can they?

    You see VMK is not just a mere game to us. Six months after slinkyman started playing VMK he was diagnosed with cancer. A shocking blow to any family made worst it being a child. I found my strength to get him through this, and then an amazing thing happened. Thanks to the spirit of Disney he took refuge in his Kingdom. In VMK he was not sick. He was a normal kid that still had hair and he had many friends. He had a support team in this community that was not available elsewhere. Cancer scares many people and our family pulled back-offering no support or visits. Here in VMK slinkyman and I have a community of amazing friends. They talked, listened, comforted us, prayed for us and sent mountains of pixie dust our way.

    Through out his treatment whenever we were at the hospital slinkyman would take along the laptop with him. During these painful and scary days of treatment he would play VMK as the poisons to kill the cancer were pumped into his body. Doctors and nurses would ask him what he was playing and he would passionately tell them of a place only envisioned in dreams. VMK became an instrumental tool in his recovery. We have made life long friends and have wonderful support thanks to the magic of Disney. So to us it is so much more then a mere game. It is in our soul.
    I had a friend tell me the other day the VMK is in slinkyman’s DNA- they could not be more right. I was able to save my son from cancer but I fear I will not be able to save little “slinkyman” from the darkness that is about to be bestowed upon us.

    Please I beg you to reconsider this decision. Please hear the cries of young and old and let our little people live. I can not imagine a day without seeing the face of my little person. I like may others are then willing to pay to keep this community of ours alive. Please consider this option. Please show compassion and Disney spirit and show the children you care. After all in VMK the minds of our young a being filled with Disney and they will grow into adults that spend much money on anything and everything Disney.

    In this Year of a Million Dreams I ask you to please dry a Million tears and let our dreams come true.



    Dizney Freek

    Lives? What are those?


    Get lives you losers!! Disney doesn't care. The game is over. They will not save it. Why not try living a real life now?? Hearing about how you all are completely freaking out over a GAME scares me. It scares me to know that people like you actually exist and are trying to arrange boycotts and organize protests over a fucking video game. Try doing something productive with yourselves. This is such a joke!!


    We have just over a month people! Act now!


    "VMK was launched for the 50th Anniversary of Disneyland. The game has been enormously successful but the in-Park Quest and Rewards were only meant to be temporary – we've gone well beyond the original time we planned to run the Quest and Rewards in-Park at Disneyland."—Yavn

    "Does this mean VMK is going to end? No. The game continues going strong – and we've got some exciting additions coming in the next few months – so stay tuned! Plus, you can still go Questing in-Park at Walt Disney World."—Yavn

    "VMK was never intended to last forever – we'll close the game for good at the end of day on May 21st, 2008."—Yavn


    "To all that come to this happy place: welcome. Disneyland is your land."—Walt Disney

    "It's something that will never be finished. Something that I can keep developing...and adding to."—Walt Disney

    "Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world."—Walt Disney

    "We believed in our idea - a family park where parents and children could have fun - together."—Walt Disney

    "It has that thing - the imagination, and the feeling of happy excitement - I knew when I was a kid."—Walt Disney

    "The era we are living in today is a dream come true." —Walt Disney

    "My business is making people, especially children, happy." —Walt Disney

    "I have never been interested in personal gain or profit. This business and this studio have been my entire life."
    —Walt Disney

    "Get a good idea and stay with it. Dog it, and work it until it's done and done right." —Walt Disney

    "Fantasy and reality often overlap." —Walt Disney

    "Part of the Disney success is our ability to create a believable world of dreams that appeals to all age groups. The kind of entertainment we create is meant to appeal to every member of the family." —Walt Disney

    "You don't build it for yourself. You know what the people want and you build it for them." —Walt Disney

    "Whatever we accomplish is due to the combined effort. The organization must be with you or you don't get it done... In my organization there is respect for every individual, and we all have a keen respect for the public."
    —Walt Disney

    Little Vidia

    WoW is becoming a huge economy all by itself. Disney could have made VMK just as awesome.


    I am not renewing my annual pass next year. I'm just too mad at Disneyland right now.


    I can't believe Disney would do this to its most loyal (read: profitable) fans. Now they seem to want to send all the girls to the Fairy game, and all the boys to the Cars game or the Pirates of the Carribean game. Their parents can go back to Wolrd of Warcraft or Second Life. Bye Disney.

    VMK was never marketed as a short-term game. It was the newest, latest and greatest thing of tomorrow. Why should anyone try Pirates or Toontown, especially at a fee, when Disney's online program department might just shut it down at any time? I won't let my kids get invested in any other Disney games if they really do carry this out.


    I got a 10 year bann once before I changed my ip address. they could of just made it a 3 year bann, lol

    Monorail pilot

    When it opened, VMK said that "Guests from all over the globe will experience thrilling games, exciting adventures and endless interactive Disney magic on the Internet." It isn't endless afterall.

    ZOMG, what are all the little freaks going to do with their time now?

    VMK was stupid too. Anyone who liked VMK will probably like the other stupid Disney games.

    Skyway Girl

    All the noise and crying won't help. If it did, they would still have a skyway to fanstasyland at the parks.


    Shorty's a dick

    Got this response today after using Contact Us the night it was announced:

    Thank you for contacting VMK.

    We appreciate your interest in Virtual Magic Kingdom and concern regarding the game’s closing.
    We too are sad to see VMK closing, but we are excited to continue to build and develop other new and exciting virtual worlds online! We have taken some of our favorite things from VMK and incorporated them into some of our other virtual worlds.
    We hope you consider exploring Pirates of the Caribbean Online and Toontown Online, we think you might come to enjoy them as much as you enjoyed your VMK experience.

    Thanks for contacting VMK.


    VMK Player Support

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