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    April 13, 2008



    Dr. Phil is a tool

    His second wife is leaving him, too, according to the Globe, but other sources say it is not true.

    Oprah's future biographer

    You lawyers would be interested to know that he made his fortune as a jurypicker who impressed Oprah when she was getting her fat pants sued off of her. As a real therapist, he was a bust.

    Cranky Greg

    I agree with you Lex. We have friends in Texas who used to go to sessions Dr. Phil would conduct in Dallas. They were marriage sessions or something like that. I thought it was kinda cultish, but definitely a scam.

    Without Oprah, Dr. Phil would be a big ZERO.

    That a-hole would sell more books if he didn't put his ugly-ass face on his book covers.

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