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    May 23, 2008



    I found this blog entry after Googling "Bill Handel fark" (w/out quotes). On the KFI website, there is an On Demand section where past shows are available for download. As I was browsing through the one- to two-sentence summaries accompanying each Handel on the Law show entry, I noticed some some definite Farkisms within several of the, such as the following descriptions:
    HOTL 7 TO 9 AM (3/7)
    The Penis Doctor of Denmark. Penis.

    HOTL 7 TO 9 AM (1/10)
    Clever: Build a meth lab in a funeral home. Stupid: Across the street from a police station. HOTL: Leave the basement lights on attracting the attention of the cops.

    HOTL 9 TO 11 AM (1/17)
    Adopt a child? Nope. Not yours, Fatty.

    There are others, but the above were the first to jump out at me.

    Also, Handel's apology segment at the close of each show was originally done by a Southern CA radio station team of DJ's who called themselves Frosty, Heidi and Frank, and had a show weekdays from 10-2 before the station, 97.1, changed format. They ended the show with the apologies for years, and was a staple of the show. Suddenly one day Handel's show began doing the exact same routine, yet never once acknowledged where it came from, despite it being listed/exposed on the Handel Show entry in Wikipedia. Just an fyi :)

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