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    May 27, 2008


    Phil Jackson

    "What did they say about the 24-second clock?" Jackson asked rhetorically. "They didn't want to go all the way? You've got to start peeling that onion a long way back, don't you, if you start opening it up."

    the eavesdropper

    Pop: "We gotta play more perfect than their playing." No can do, Pop, no can do. Not tonight. The Lakers are in the NBA Finals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trip #29


    It was a badly officiated game. Duncan's travel, that first travel on tony when he had the ball hit out of his hands, ridiculous fouls called on both sides..that game was embarassing. At least phil jackson commented that the guys with the whistles were screwing the game.


    If you're going to call that Spurs fans, what about the twenty steps Duncan did with no call....Lakers were playing against 8 and still won...Get over it!


    Wait a minute. You mean to tell me a whistle got swallowed in the final seconds? Next thing you will be telling me that rookies don't get close calls. That first team all stars get more fouls called on them than benchwarmers who play thre minutes. That officials aren't calling the walking violations, three seconds and carrying over every time.


    In the last minute...

    Kobe Bryant got mauled going to the basket by Tim Duncan. No call was made.

    Lamar Odom got called for a goaltend he never actually committed.

    The Lakers got a shot-clock violation when they had a shot to run the clock out (or get fouled to hit free throws to ice it).

    And yet, the NBA wants the Lakers to make the Finals, so they give them all the calls?

    The Idiot Tom Curran

    "Coincidentally, all calls favored L.A. Hmmmmm. Or at least the appearance of Hmmmmmmmmmm." Yes, not calling Duncan for taking four steps favored the Lakers, because then they would have become complacent. Not resetting the shot clock at the 5 second mark favored the Lakers too, because they might have missed both free throws and given the Spurs five seconds to work a final shot to Manu.

    Barry travelled

    Watch the video and follow Brent Barry's pivot foot. I mean pivot feet. He walked before the contact. It's a wash.

    da ticket

    I'm with Phil Jackson. Fisher's shot hit the rim. Anybody watching the video of that could see it, meaning the shot clock should have been reset, with San Antonio having to foul LA, and LA being up 3 or 4 with 5 seconds to go. So there were terrible calls on both sides.

    No Way Mac

    Section II--By Dribbler
    a. A dribbler shall not (1) charge into an opponent who has established a legal guarding position, or (2) attempt to dribble between two opponents, or (3) attempt to dribble between an opponent and a boundary, where sufficient space is not avail-able for illegal contact to be avoided.
    b. If a defender is able to establish a legal position in the straight line path of the dribbler, the dribbler must avoid contact by changing direction or ending his dribble.
    c. The dribbler must be in control of his body at all times. If illegal contact occurs, the responsibility is on the dribbler.
    PENALTY: The offender is assessed an offensive foul. There is no team foul. The ball is awarded to the offended team on the sideline nearest the spot where play was interrupted but no nearer to the baseline than the free throw line extended.
    EXCEPTION: Rule 3--Section I--a.
    d. If a dribbler has sufficient space to have his head and shoulders in advance of his defender, the responsibility for illegal contact is on the defender.
    e. If a dribbler has established a straight line path, a defender may not crowd him out of that path.
    PENALTY: The defender shall be assessed a personal foul and a team foul. If the penalty is not in effect, the offended team is awarded the ball on the sideline nearest the spot where play was interrupted but no nearer to the baseline than the free throw line extended. If the penalty is in effect, one free throw attempt plus a penalty free throw attempt is awarded.


    Lots of discussion on that last play. Two things for those who don't know about the finer points of basketball:

    1) A player cannot step into or dribble underneath a defender who's in the air. That defender has a right to come down in his spot. Brent Barry dribbled into Fisher after faking the 3. This is in the referee's rulebook. No foul.

    2) Brent Barry travelled on that last play lifting his pivot foot.


    Do you want to know who the refs were favoring all night with foul calls?

    Lakers 19, Gasol 4, Bryant 0
    Spurs 26, Duncan 11, Parker 7

    Compare those stats to their season averages and that should be a clear indicator which way the refs were leaning all night.

    postgame quotes

    Popovich: "That was no foul. If I were the referee, I would not have called it either. Does that answer your question?"

    Barry: "No, I wasn't fouled...."

    Jackson: "That play should not have even occurred. The ball hit the rim, and we should have had the ball back. The Spurs would have been forced to foul..."

    Captain Obvious

    KOBE: "I should've pulled it out."

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