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    May 28, 2008


    celebrity oops

    She is great shooter. She can shoot cigarettes of sex films.

    One of the main draws for gaming events are cosplay shows and booth babes. Let’ s be honest here- who doesn’ t want to see booth babes and have pictures taken with them? When I was in last year’ s Gravity Festival in Korea, I shot hundreds of photos of Booth Babes, Lol. Anyway, I’ ve compiled pictures from the following events: Gravity Festival, Ad Congress 2007, Crazy Kart Drift Invitational, and the Philippine Motor Show. I was able to make a short MTV/ Pic slideshow and I’ ve decided to cal lthe video“ ...


    Nobody cares about being her "bff" everyones just after her $$$$

    you kone what i wood give any thing to be with paris at knott's berry fame that HOT... just like her she is so COOL... and FUN to hang with i wish i was rich so that i coud have bin her BFF lol no really i do. but she is like so cool i hope she dont do no more drinking and drive that CRAZZY....PEACE OUT BITCHES.... oh and paris if you read this say hi to fier croch 4 me lmao

    i sean her and she is not hot at all in person......

    well thats dumm who duse she think she is to not let no one ells on the rideS just cuse she's littel miss paris hilton she shude be some where makeing a cool tape lmao just kiding i love that SEXY.HOT.BITCH.LOL

    I was at knotts berrry farm that day and I met Benji Madden who was waiting for paris to view her roller coaster picture. I asked him to take a picture with my son who is on the autistic spectrum; he was very nice and was more then happy to take 5 minutes to chat and take a picture with my son.

    haha i was ther!

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