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    June 08, 2008


    lex icon

    For the same reason why I would welcome a Cuban defector or a Russian turncoat, but would lambast an American who had spied for the Soviets.

    If some foreign athlete wants to come here, I'll celebrate. If one of ours wants to go to the other guys and compete against us, screw them.


    You got to be kidding right? Somehow you spent years cheering the latest big "American Dream story" (oh how brave of them) of athletes coming from different part of the world and compete in the US for the US teams in various sports, (including Russians I'm sure), but now that the table are reversed, it's not right and the athlete is a traitor?
    Yes it is very Ame4rican to look out for yourself, that's what we've been preaching when the road taken is from overseas to the US, why not the other way?


    Rotten tomatoes with salmonella should be thrown at her at every WNBA game from now until the league folds.


    All of about 1,500 fans even give a hoot about this story. It's girls' basketball. Snore.


    I crack up on you all getting so worked up about chick basketball.

    Proud to be an American

    If she wants to play for a Russian league, that's great, but becoming a Russian and playing against team USA is just wrong.

    Layup contest judge

    Linda just because someone doesn't go on and on about doesn't mean they don't know what they are talking about, just like just because someone thinks the WNBA sucks doesn't mean that they don't get it.

    lex icon

    Sue Bird, Diana Taurasi, Seimone Augustus and Katie Smith, all of whom made the team. That's four no-brainers right there. Add Cappie Pondexter and Candace Parker, who have less than three years in the league but who also made the team and are absolutely better selections than Becky Hammon and you have six guards already. You're going to need some forwards and centers, too. (Ok, maybe you play Taurasi at forward).

    Hammon bailed because she knew she was going to be beaten out by Bird and the two younger players for what she thought were the last two guard spots on the team.

    They haven't made the final three selections yet, but on their merits, I'd still take Alana Beard, and maybe Lindsay Whalen or Katie Douglas, before I'd take Hammon -- EXCEPT that Whalen also can piss off for trying and failing to pull a Becky Hammon to play for Lithuania.

    Sorry if it sounds like I'm "talking out the side of my neck", whatever that means.

    At her blog, Linda is right. Can you name 5 guards that have been better than Hammon in the past 3 years?


    linda e: you post on your blog how you hate the selection of lisa leslie because she annoys the shit out of you, and then you have the nerve to write about how bullshit it is that becky hammon was screwed out of an invite because of politics. that's rich. lisa is tall, talented, high scoring, great defense, great rebounding, lots of steals, lots of experience, championships, mvps, you name it, shes gotten it. you wouldnt pick lisa leslie, but you are outraged that a guard who is shooting under thirty percent wasnt in the original selections. what youre really saying is that if you were in charge of the team, you would pick all the players you like and screw over the ones who bug you. still politics. just different politics.


    caroline we don't need to know what's in her heart to judge whether its unpatriotic. her actions speak louder than her words. shes a sellout. she sold out her country. fuck her.


    How do you all know what is in her heart or what she think is patriotic?


    This sets a very bad precedent. Very bad. Do the 4th place runners in the track and field tryouts take off and become citizens of China or Germany so they can compete against the USA in the Olympics? From now on they might.

    lex icon

    Oh, I know the circumstances. The circumstances are worse than I spun them in the post. Although I can't imagine a circumstance in which it would be anything but traitorous to leave your home country to take citizenship with its primary rival, both athletically and politically, so as to compete against your home country in the Olympics (and I know we've recruited others to do it for us, but those athletes should be considered pariahs in their home nations, too). But even if you can, this isn't the situation.

    She says she would have given up "any amount of money" for the opportunity to represent the United States in the Summer Games, but the opportunity to represent the U.S. was given to her. She was among the 30 players invited. That invitation was an opportunity to represent the U.S. Nobody deserves more than that opportunity. She certainly didn't deserve an appointment. She was right where she belongs. She's 20th in the league in scoring. The 20th highest scoring player in the WNBA gets a chance to compete with 29 other players for a spot on the Olympic team. She felt humiliated because she wasn't one of the first 23 players invited. She was worried she couldn't make the squad on her merits, making her less marketable in Russia. Perhaps she knew, deep down, that she wasn't one of the 12 best. Those are not valid reasons to bolt your home country for its rival.

    She thinks she deserved better. Maybe she did, maybe she didn't. Sure, she was second in MVP voting last year, but she went undrafted out of college, only averaged 11 points a game for her career, and right now, like I said, she's 20th in scoring in the WNBA, playing for a team that's 3-4 and already three games out of first place. Maybe she should make the U.S. team, maybe she shouldn't. Probably she wouldn't have earned a spot on the roster.

    Knowing that, essentially she's said that because she was not among the first group of invitees to the tryouts, she's taking her ball to Russia to play for a rival nation. Not just any rival, either. The one that broke our women's 12 year winning streak in 2006. Unpatriotic? Hell, yes it's unpatriotic.

    Linda E

    Do you have any idea wth you are talking about and the circumstances that surround this? Or are you just talking out the side of your neck to take a shot at womens basketball? Im just wondering, cause you dont sound like you know sh*t about it.

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