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    July 21, 2008


    lex icon

    To the anonymous commenter making the claim of bullshit, I propose this: make me a wager that makes it worth my while, and identify your true self, and I'll present the proof.

    I used to think I wanted to be a sportswriter when I grew up. I sold out and went to law school. But back in high school, I was a sportswriter, not just for my high school paper, where I was the sports editor during Scott's senior year, but also for the local weekly newspaper. I was also a runner for the Times and the Register.


    Like shit he WASN'T his high school sports editor. I have personal knowledge of that fact. By the way Scott, it was great of you to donate your time on April 11, 2008 for your high school alma mater's career day. I couldn't make it this year, but I noticed your name in our school newsletter.

    like shit you were his high school sports editor.

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