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    October 28, 2008


    Neuheisel's Bookie

    if we played in the SEC and got blown out every time we played a quality team (Georgia & LSU) then we could drop two games big and still stay in the top 10.

    LSU was impressive with that 25 point win over Tulane (2-6) this weekend. And Georgia really took it to FCS school Georgia Southern with their 24 point win on opening day. Brutal schedules, and they still manage huge margins of victory over these powerhouse opponents.


    Georgia was down 31-0 to Alabama and then 49-3 to Florida. Posers. The SEC is shaking out like any other conference. Florida had a terrible upset but other than that, each division has one best team, one second best team, two middle of the road teams and two that suck.


    The SEC is a very good conference, but people do tend to think its teams better than they really are. There were people who actually thought Vanderbilt was one of the ten best teams in the county. That was the picture of overratedness.

    Nathan Frizzell

    Over the last 5 ot 6 seasons, the SEC has acquired an impressive post-season resume, including 3 National Championships. The best team in the SEC generally does extremely well against its opponents in BCS and non-BCS bowl games. This is the major reason why the SEC is always so hyped- and it makes sense.

    What happens when the SEC is beating the crap out of each other doesn't make as much of an impression on voters and analysts as what they do at the end of the season when they play- and mostly beat- the best of the best opponents.

    Who thought MSU was one of the best teams in the country? That vote should be given to a more qualified voter.


    The fans in the Southeast are the most passionate football fans I’ve seen. However, we can’t confuse “best hype” with “best football”. Unfortunately with the energy and passion that the fans of the SEC teams bring to the mix, it’s easy for the lines to get blurry. Hype only brings hype. Other than USC and Notre Dame, the SEC teams are the darlings of college football. As Notre Dame proves, however, being a darling and having a highly graded recruiting class doesn't mean you won't be 10-2 and get exposed as a fraud in December or January.

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