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    November 20, 2008



    This possibility is over. Texas or Oklahoma win the Big XII south unless they lose, and Texas Tech will not play in the championship after that loss to Oklahoma, so if Missouri gets in it will be at the expense of Texas or Oklahoma. That means USC goes to a BCS bowl unless they lose.


    Most likely the winner of the Big XII south will win the Big XII and go to the BCS title game. Getting another loss or two between Alabama and Florida would be great, because otherwise, the only loss there is in their head to head play, from which a winning-out winner would get to Miami.

    Getting past the Big XII might be less complicated. USC might only need Missouri to win the Big XII title game. On the other hand, if there is a 11-1 Texas or an 11-1 Oklahoma sitting out, they still could go to the BCS title game, like Nebraska and Oklahoma in years past, to play an SEC champ.

    If the SEC champ has two losses, they are out. The SEC loser, with one loss, is also probably out. That could mean another strange circumstance. Maybe an all-Big XII game. Maybe a rematch. Maybe you can win your conference and go on to lose the BCS title to your runner up. To avoid those shenanigans, voters might bump USC, especially if the Trojans throw their 4th or 5th shutout of the season against UCLA.


    Not to mention, ugh at a Texas-Texas Tech title game. I hate the BCS.

    Then again, you could have a 150-team playoff and my Huskies wouldn't make it; they'd choose some FCS schools first. :)

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