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    November 13, 2008


    No-Fuss Systems For skf bearings - The Inside Track

    Precisely, metrology is the most essential especially in precision engineering firms. The usage of sophisticated technologies of foprming the outer ring of bearing has diminished by approximately 10% in the weight when it is in contrast with the classic style. The controller part of the system has also been dramatically reduced in size.

    Listar Baku-baku

    Why cant you ship the cheque to South Africa Fed ex and ship it to Nigeria is the no fed ex in South Africa.


    I know all about those Nigerian scams. Boy they got me good. Then when I told them I was out of money they offered to have a person in the US loan me the money and I was to sent it back to them by western union. Well I get a check from fed ex. I called the bank that it was from and asked if it was a ligitamate account, the lady on the phone assured me that it was. So I took the check to my bank and deposited it, of couse I had to wait 10 days for the check to clear before I could use any of the funds, so after the 10 days I have to go get 2000.00 out and sent it to Nigeria by western union then I had to send another 2000.00 the next day. After 2 months of my sending the money over there zi find out the check was indeed a bad one. Oh boy I have to pay all that money back to the original bank and still don't have my inheiratance. Wow I delt with these guys for 2 years. How dumb am I?

    Jilson George

    Hi sir will you please mail me in a simple language to collect this courier and from where i have to receive. Please answer me through mail.


    Jilson George

    Western Union Money Transfer

    Very interesting post! Thanks for the info.

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