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    December 08, 2008


    Jeanine Espinoza Schilling

    Loved your blog :) I also was lucky enough to experience the M4H when I was a student at St. Paul many years ago. And believe it or not, I also ran into Wallace Shawn while walking along Sunset! So funny!

    Gladys Perez

    Loved reading your blog! At this very moment my freshman daughter is with her St. Paul classmates at the 37th Annual March for Hunger. Last time she texted me, about a half hour ago, she had just passed the 101 and had 16 miles to go. Frankly, I'm surprised she's still walking, and I'm so proud of her! Thanks for allowing me to see a little of what she's going through right now.

    Catherine Hernandez-Shibata, SPHS '84

    This is a great story! I love the pictures! It would be fun to walk again. I will think about walking this year. I know, I have to decide soon!

    Vivian Estrada-Bievenue

    Hey Mike, Thanks for bringing back those great memoris...I truely lived a charmed childhood!!!

    San Pablo '86

    Is this MJ Wizard? Or am I dating myself? I wonder if anyone pulls false fire alarms or phones in bomb threats anymore at St. Paul. Probably not.

    Liz Cadwalader

    Hi, my name is Liz Cadwalader. I took over the M4H after Dan Jiru retired. I was unaware of your site until the other day when one of our teachers came across it. I love the way you documented that day last year. We would love to have you join us again this year in anyway you are able. We will be having an assembly on Friday, 12/4,at 1:35, in the gym. At this time we are going to honor Dan with a plague that will hang next to his old classroom, room 110. I would like you to get the word out to other alumni to come and honor Dan. I think it would be great to see as many alumni there as possible. Thanks again for your wonderful account of last years event. I also love how you tell it straight about our current students taking rides. That is one issue I address mostly with the parents who allow it to happen! Thanks again and I hope to see you this year.

    Jennifer Villa Reeves SPHS '89

    Michael--Thank you so much for that account! It was like re-living the March all over again! I have been wanting to do the March again for years, yet somehow missed the invite to all alumni. This inspires me to make THIS the year!! My 20 year reunion will be this summer . . . I wonder if I can talk any members of the Class of '89 to join me? Thanks again for stirring up the wonderful memories. I, too, walked the whole way all four years, and hope to complete it once again. (Although, I am a little afraid that he after-pains will cut into my "mom" duties!) :) Thanks again, and hope to see you on the March in December!

    Ivy Viado

    I was hoping an alum would blog about this. I am from the graduating class of 1990. I really wanted to do this, but I couldn't even finish it back in High School. What a great experience, it was always the highlight of the year! It was great to see the pics of the school as well. What happened to all the trees??? Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Ivy (Montoya) Viado, Class of '90.

    Cranky Greg

    Damn! That looks like fun!

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