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    January 24, 2009


    Michael J

    Charlene, thanks for a great observation.


    I have to say I see the point you were trying to make in the original article.

    You're right, there was no reason to get that specific to make the point.


    Mike, how can you possibly defend a statement like that? It was race-baiting and it was completely ignorant. Besides, construction is a very heavily integrated. I work for a large contractor that does government contracting. Our work force is full of blacks and hispanics. Construction is getting hurt more in this economy than any other sector, bar none. That is hurting workers across the board, from white to hispanic to black. It is hurting the foremen, the journeyman, the apprentices, the secretaries, all of us. There was no reason to say "white male" anywhere in that discussion, except to pander to Charles Rangel and others who want to cater to their race-based constituencies. Even if you want to say that construction should not be the only business to benefit from the stimulus package, fine, but to single out white male construction workers is evil, and if he made the same remark about any other racial group, or the other gender, he would have been crucified. Ordinary people are not looking for offense in every action taken by Barack Obama's administration, but there will never come a day when we should just give a pass to someone who makes a statement like this.


    I understand your concerns, but all he meant was that the needs of others need to be addressed as well as those of high-skilled workers and construction workers.

    Really. No offense intended.

    We've only got one country. Let's try to work together to save it.

    Looking for offense in every action taken by a president with less than a week under his belt probably isn't the way to do it.

    And if you take this the wrong way, I really am sorry. I'm just trying to reach out; we are all Americans after all, aren't we?

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