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    January 02, 2009


    utes fan

    Just adding my vote:
    If we were to have playoffs, or could magically determine who was playing best at the end of the season, I think USC would win.
    However, Utah remains the only undefeated team. USC choked once, Utah didn't.
    Utah for title.
    USC for best.
    Florida 3rd
    Texas 4th
    OU 5th.

    MNCs Suck

    Lets be honest, both teams in the "Title game" look like ass. This is a travesty. Maybe Florida wins a playoff, maybe not. How can you distinguish between Florida, Utah, Texas and USC? How? Not by this game. Florida and the SEC in general looks so overated at this point, and the Big 12 even more. Why do we all say Ohio State shouldn't be in the championship when Oklahoma has boned three of them now? The Pac-10 and MWC were way underated but does that mean USC and Utah would win? No. No one knows. My vote is honestly for Utah. As much as I would love another NC I think Utah winning it would be good for CFB in the big picture. We have to have a playoff.


    Here you go, figure this one out:

    Start with Mississippi they lost to South Carolina, Wake Forest and Vandy. S Carolina lost to Iowa who beat Penn State. Mississippi beat Texas Tech who lost to Oklahoma. OU lost to Texas by ten who beat Ohio State by 3. Oklahoma lost to Florida who lost to Mississippi. Florida and OU should be out along with Texas Tech!

    Next: USC beat PSU and Ohio State (by 30 plus) when Texas could only beat OSU by 3 points. USC lost to Oregon State, that PSU beat by 30 plus points. This gives USC a mulligan on that Thursday night loss (road game thank you...Gator fans saw that one loss front and center). At the same time Oregon State lost to UTAH by 3 points. Alabama lost to UTAH by 14 points, and only lost to Florida by 10. This counts out Penn State, Ohio State, Alabama, Texas and leaves us with only one answer.

    UTAH VS USC national title

    This makes more sense then a computer ranking, therefore I have decided to declare USC and UTAH our national champions! This is just as valid as any other computer score we could recieve.


    im watching this game and so far nothing has convinced me that utah couldnt play with either team. so im not considering this as the two best teams in the nation. just two of the top five or so. the bcs national title is nothing more than a money based popularity contest.


    USC would have destroyed either of these teams tonight. Utah would probably beat either one of them too.


    Halftime score:
    Utah 1
    Florida 2
    Oklahoma 3

    lex icon

    I agree with Utah fan. The only top ten defenses for the SEC are 5. Florida and 6. Alabama. Compare, for example, the top ten defenses in the Big Ten: 4. Penn State, 7. Ohio State, 8. Iowa. Statistically, the top of the Big Ten is better. Comparing the schedules, the computer rankings of Florida's conquests look like this: Alabama 7, Georgia 16, Florida State 14, LSU 44, South Carolina 35. The computer rankings of Utah's conquests are: Alabama 7, TCU 9, Oregon State 19, BYU 23, Air Force 48 Pretty comparable if you ask me. After the bowls, Alabama will be down. TCU will be up. So far, the BCS championship game looks pretty even, but the Oklahoma defense is putting on at least as good a show, and they are putting up a better defense than any SEC team through halftime.

    The Only Unbeaten BCS Bowl Winner

    You think TCU would not beat Georgia, but the computers, the records and the voters think otherwise. Florida State may or may not beat BYU. The Noles laid some eggs this season. I didn't leave out Florida vs Utah. The whole point of the comparison was to address Florida vs Utah by looking at their best wins and their losses. Wait, Utah has no losses, even though they played a better SEC team than Ole Miss. On top of that, Florida struggled to pull away from Alabama in a come from behind victory. Utah bitch slapped the Crimson Tide all night long up and down the field. They were faster. They were stronger. They won in the trenches on offense and defense. One lineman doesn't affect that. Your line is only as good as your worst starter, not your best starter, and no matter how studly a guy you lose on offense, it can't be the cause of your defensive line getting abused. On top of all this, after the way Missouri, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Kansas and Texas looked in their bowl games, Florida beating Oklahoma won't impress me much.

    The Only Unbeaten is Right

    If Stanford had followed up beating USC by going undefeated and beating four other ranked teams, I'd buy your comparison, Mr. Anonymous. If Appalachian State had gone unbeaten in Division I-AA and Michigan didn't suck balls the rest of the season, I'd buy your comparison. That's not what happened.

    Mr. Gibbroon, you want to talk about high school teams? Oklahoma played Chattanooga and the worst team on USC's schedule (Washington). Florida played the citadel. Florida fans have no business accusing another team of playing high school teams when they scheduled Citadel. It's not USC's fault that Washington State and Washington had down years and suffered horrible injuries all season. It doesn't matter that Utah draws Utah State and San Diego State, when they are terrible. That doesn't matter because there is no difference between playing Mississippi State and Citadel, because every team in a bowl should go 2-0 against them, just like USC went 2-0 against the Washington schools. Just like Utah went 2-0 against San Diego and Utah State. It's how many big games they win that matters. Utah has consistently competed in a good conference. The MWC has done better than one or more BCS conferences for the last four years running. It's not like this was the first time Utah ever won a BCS bowl game.


    This is so different than Auburn in 2004. What happened to Auburn happened because there was another team that was undefeated. This year, there is no major team like USC in 2004 that won all games. USC, Texas and Florida all lost to teams that aren't as good as teams Utah beat. In USC's case, they lost to the same team that Utah beat.

    Utahns Kicking Your Azzes

    I laugh at the smugness of the SEC. Beat four ranked teams and then think nothing. Then beat one SEC team, and all of a sudden they're all "You beat Alabama, you must really be pretty good!" One good game my azz. Beating TCU, Oregon State, Alabama, BYU and Air Force is not just having one good game. Going into that game Utah had more quality wins than Alabama did. What was their best win, Georgia? Who got pounded by Georgia Tech. LSU? Who got beat by Arkansas and four others. Clemson? I laugh again. Combine all that with Utah being undefeated and its the best season anyone else had. You better believe we want them called National Champions.

    Rick Reilly called it right. The Utes trampled Alabama to complete a perfect season. How are they not national champions?


    The high school teams USC faces every year? Oh, yeah, high school teams like the Pac-10 conference and OOC teams like Ohio State, Virginia, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Arkansas, Auburn, Virginia Tech, BYU. How about your Gators? Citadel, Western Kentucky, Western Carolina. Hmm. Which team is scheduling the JV teams?

    The Only Unbeaten BCS Bowl Winner

    I don't know about the high school teams USC plays, but the Utes played and beat more good teams than Florida did. Let's compare their five best wins:

    Florida: Alabama, Georgia, Florida State, LSU, South Carolina

    Utah: Alabama, TCU, Oregon State, BYU, Air Force

    Alabama(12-2) / Alabama (12-2) - draw
    TCU (11-2) / Georgia (10-3) - TCU better. Lost only to Oklahoma and Utah
    BYU (10-3) / Florida State (9-3) - BYU better.
    Oregon State (9-4) / LSU (8-5) - Oregon State better LSU lost 5, including Arkansas, and could only beat one decent team - Georgia Tech
    Air Force/South Carolina (7-6) - Air Force is better. South Carolina got pasted by Iowa.

    So far, Utah is way ahead. Now add a possible Florida win tomorrow over Oklahoma. A Florida win over Oklahoma would make the analysis still only about a draw (Alabama/Oklahoma, TCU/Alabama, Georgia/BYU, Oregon State/Florida State, Air Force/LSU), which I would call 2-2-1. With comparable schedules, the undefeated team deserves to win and the 13-1 team deserves to be lower.


    USC would shut Florida and Oklahoma down. Those teams would be lucky to get two scores and 250 yards of total offense. Florida's defense would keep that game close, but Oklahoma's would not. Oklahoma's defense surrendered 45 to Texas (how many did Ohio State give up?), 31 to Kansas, 35 to Kansas State, 28 to the Cornhuskers, 28 to Texas A&M, 41 to Oklahoma State. That's a good defense? LOLOLOLOL


    The Big 12 is overrated this year, although we see this kind of thing every year. Remember when Michigan and Ohio State were the two greatest teams of all time 2 years ago before they played each other in the last week of the season? Then they both got murdered in their bowl games. The pollsters wet themselves when a team beats up on other teams in their own conference, but have no gauge as to how they would do against other teams in other conferences. There was no way of telling how good the Big 12 was this year until now, and I'm not very impressed. I think USC could handle anyone in the country right now and Mack Brown is a douche. How he can say Texas is the best team in the country after that lucky win last night is just hilarious.


    Who is the best team in college football? Texas? Not after last night’s performance in the Fiesta Bowl. They might not have been the best team on the field. Utah? They have a case, but I still think if they played in a heavyweight conference, they would have gotten knocked off at least once. OK, so the BCS got it right then? It’s Oklahoma or Florida, right? Nope. Ladies and gentlemen, the nation’s best team will be sitting at home on Thursday and watching two impostors duke it out. That’s right, USC is the best team in college football this year. And it’s not because Rey Maualuga did his best ‘Night at the Roxbury’ impression on Erin Andrews before the game. After the way they thrashed Penn State in the Rose Bowl, and after Ohio State proved that the Big Ten isn’t that bad by hanging in the Fiesta, the Trojans are my pick. They don’t have anyone to blame but themselves for losing that game to Oregon State, but Florida lost an easy one, too, and they get a shot at the title. This further reaffirms my point that we need a playoff. Sometimes, the better football team doesn’t win a game. In no other league is the shot at redemption put entirely in the hands of voters, many of whom are biased. The Trojans have the best defense in the country, and an offense that was balanced enough to put up points against anybody. While I still think Oklahoma wins on Thursday, they won’t be the deserving national champion.


    A Final Four of Texas USC Utah and Florida would be great. Until then, Utah deserves to be number one. The current system to crown a national champion is an illegitimate fraud. Alabama didn't have one bad game, they had one good game. Georgia. If Utah had to play Georgia, Florida, Ole Miss, Auburn, Clemson, or LSU as Alabama did, they would probably do at least as well as they did playing Alabama, TCU, BYU, Oregon State, Air Force and Colorado State. You can't know they would have lost to Florida when Florida needed a late rally to beat a team that the Utes manhandled all night. I think Utah would given Tim Tebow a punch in the mouth. This team is far better than Ole Miss and we all know how that ended. Utah is every bit as strong as Texas USC and Florida.

    Utah skated by Michigan who is a disgrace this year. Barely skated by Oregon State, who barely beat USC. And barely beat TCU who barely beat Boise State. Just because they have one good game, you want to call them a National Champion. Thats like saying Stanford should be a National Champion because they beat USC last year, or Appalachian State should be National Champion in D-1 becaue that met Michigan last year. They need to consistently compete in a good conference like the SEC. The same thing happen to Auburn a few years ago and they are in the SEC and there were no extra AP awards being handed USC got it all.

    You say all this. Alabama has one bad game, and so Utah is the best team in the country. If Utah had to play Georgia, Florida, Ole Miss, Auburn, Clemson, or LSU as Alabama did. They would have lost at least one or more of those games. I know for a fact they would have lost to Florida.

    Wake Up!

    If this were College Basketball there would be no argument! So, anyone who believes that college football should also have a playoff has no argument against Utah being #1. Every other team would have been eliminated. There is only 1 team that has not been eliminated and that team is Utah. If you vote for any team other than Utah to be #1 then you are just as corrupt and unfair as the BCS.

    lex icon

    The reason to put USC as number 2 is this:

    The reason Florida and Oklahoma are #1 and #2 is because we mistakenly thought that beating teams like Alabama and Texas Tech proved more than beating teams like Oregon and Ohio State. We now know better. Utah just exposed the SEC as being vastly overrated (make no mistake about whether Utah is truly great - this is a team that struggled against Michigan and New Mexico). Oregon and Mississippi just exposed the Big XII as being vastly overrated. USC just killed the Big Ten Champion after emerging from a conference that went 5-0 in the bowls.

    Florida's schedule now looks weak. That win over Hawaii - worthless. Miami - worthless. Tennessee - worthless. Arkansas - worthless. LSU - worthless
    Kentucky - worthless. Georgia - so so. Vanderbilt - worthless. South Carolina - worthless. Citadel - worth less than zero. Florida State - so so. Alabama - so so.

    Florida's schedule, even with the SEC championship game, looks no tougher than USC's schedule, with wins over Ohio State, Oregon and Cal. Having seen what Texas Tech and Oklahoma State were worth, the bowl game against Oklahoma looks no tougher than a bowl game against the Nittany Lions. That's the justification.

    Utes No. 1!

    Utah is the only unbeaten team in America. Utah has four wins (Alabama, TCU, BYU, Oregon State) over ranked teams. Utah has two wins over top 10 teams.
    Utah won its conference. Utah beat Oklahoma's best win (TCU) Florida's best win (Alabama) and the team that beat USC (Oregon St.) Their win in the Sugar Bowl was not close. If that body of work was done by any team in the SEC, Big XII, Pac-10, Big East, ACC or Big Ten, there would be no dispute. Utah is the only legitimate number one.

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