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    September 03, 2009


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    . He fails to see that the SEC shot its wad in week one, going .500 against solid opponents. From here on out, the SEC plays no more great teams outside their conference.

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    When LSU loses its 4th game of the year and Ole Miss makes the SEC championship game, Florida's schedule will drop to pure sucking status.

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    Or Cal schedule Alabama? Well, Cal did schedule Tennessee at a time ( when Alabama football had been in the toilet for years, and Tennessee had won the SEC East 5 times in 8 years (tied one year), one of which had been a BCS championship year, so accusing Cal of not trying to schedule the best opponents is pretty weak, too.

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    Nathan Frizzell

    Well, boys...
    I have felt and occasionally said that we can do all the talking we want about schedules. But if you really want to know which conference is superior, let's allow the post-season to do the talking.

    PAC-10 Bowl Results: 2-7.
    SEC Bowl Resluts: 6-4.

    For the 4th straight year, the SEC has won the BCS National Championship. Over 3 different schools. The SEC is now the ONLY conference to have ever won 4 National Championships in a row.
    This is the SEC's 6th BCS National Championship (Tennessee in '98 and LSU in '03) since the BCS began in 1998.
    The SEC now has the highest BCS Bowl game winning percentage in college football at .737 (14-5 record). In 2nd place is the Pac-10 at .643 (9-5 record).

    Guys, the numbers speak for themselves. At this point in history, the SEC is the superior conference in college football.


    Yolo Boy, you smell and type like gibberroon. What have I said about being a fan of USC??

    yolo boy


    tebow still has a ring from 2006 so i don't really care. tebow was better than leak and urban meyer purposely started leak even though he knew tebow was better, urban meyer even said this. tebow got his national championships playing in the sec. what has usc done in the last 5 years playing in the pac 10? nothing


    Tim Tebow was not the reason Florida won its 2006 national championship. Tebow mattered little, if at all, to that title, and in his first year as a starter, he won the Heisman, but led his team to a bowl defeat at the hands of Michigan.

    yolo boy

    mark, and tebow still has two national championships and a heisman trophy. who beat alabama the previous year and won the national championship? SEC baby


    December 12:5, And Tebow Wept

    Tim Tebow

    "First of all, I'd just like to thank the Lord, for allowing Alabama to kick our ass and prevent the Gators from playing in the BCS Title game."

    Nathan Frizzell

    Thanks for the math correction.
    But my point remains.


    2-4 (.333) > 1-3 (.250)

    Nathan Frizzell

    Actually Al... if you read the date on the post, my information was mostly correct: West VA was ranked and Houston was not. I did miss the GA Tech and for that I apologize. We are now currently 1-3. Fine.

    However, I do feel it is necessary to PAC-10 apologists, that with the new rankings, you are now 2-4 against non-conference ranked teams. Wins over Ohio St and Utah. Losses to Iowa, Cincy, Boise St and LSU. Ya'll ain't all that impressive either with actually the SAME winning percentage as the SEC and only one more victory.

    Especially considering Cal, OR State and USC's prescence in the rankings is a joke! USC has had 2 beat downs from conference opponents, an EMBARASSING loss to Washington (that the supposedly overrated LSU destroyed), and a squeak of a win over Ohio State...who were embarassed in 2 straight BCS games by SEC opponents in recent memory.

    And 4 of Cal's victories have come against Eastern WA, Minnesota, Maryland and WA State. They have not beaten ONE RANKED opponent.

    Oregon State has only beaten two ranked teams...Stanford, the current "giant" of the PAC-10 and has the aforementioned joke that is Cal.

    You guys still fail to make your case for being such a "tough" conference.


    Nathan Frizzell does not know his SEC this year. The SEC is 1-3 against ranked teams, not 2-1. The losses were to Houston, Georgia Tech and Oklahoma State. The win was over 7-3 Virginia Tech. The Pac-10's non-conference wins over Utah and Ohio State are more than the SEC has. Award a blue ribbon to the guy who wrote about Alabama's schedule. 'That is a respectable schedule, particularly with the travel to Virginia Tech, but I harbor suspicions that all three of their ranked opponents may be overrated in the preseason polls'


    West Virginia is ranked only in the coaches poll, and that ranking is gone on Sunday, and if our #1 team has only played one ranked team out of conference, that's one game more than your #1 team has played, or will play. That's a big game against Florida International they have coming up in a week. Tell me, which loss did AP#4 Ole Miss suffer that they were "supposed" to lose, making it ok? LSU's best win is Auburn. When tested, they folded. Florida has only played one ranked team in or out out conference - LSU, the victors over Auburn and a bunch of 5-4 or worse losers.

    The Pac-10 teams are going to have to have played at least 6 teams in conference who are 6-3 or better now, plus, on average, one ranked or nearly-ranked non-conference opponent. The conference is so good this year, USC is in 4th place.

    Nathan Frizzell

    I was actually being a little more generous to your conference and giving you teams that either were ranked at the time you played them OR currently ranked.

    But, if you want to ONLY consider teams that are currently ranked, then take away one of your conference's 3 victories against non-conference ranked teams (Notre Dame, who is no longer ranked). It also means your #1 team has only played one ranked opponent outside of your conference...doesn't do much to impress.

    Pac-10 record against non-conference ranked opponents falls to 2-4.

    Secondly, your SEC stats are incorrect. The SEC is currently 2-1 over CURRENTLY RANKED teams, with wins over VA Tech and West Virginia and a loss by Georgia to OK State.

    So, my point remains...
    your conference does not have a ridiculously tough non-conference schedule as you guys choose to believe. It's a delusion.

    You're currently 2-4 against those ranked teams you do play. And to boot, your top teams then lose in conference play to unranked Stanford and Washington.

    It personally does not matter to me that you guys have 3 more games against ranked non-conference than we do, because our winning percentage is better and our top teams do not lose to teams they're not supposed to (like USC and Oregon).


    Looking at teams currently ranked, the SEC East has played a total of one game out of conference to ranked teams. Lost to Oklahoma State. In the SEC West, Alabama beat #20 Virginia Tech, Mississippi State played Georgia Tech and lost. So the SEC's 12 teams have played 3 ranked teams and have gone 1-2, with the win coming against #20. Meanwhile, the Pac-10 plays everyone in conference, and five of those are ranked, and the SEC plays 2/3 of their conference in league play, and 3 of those are ranked. So whatever criticism you lay at the feet of the Pac-10 proves only the even greater weaknesses with the SEC.

    1) maybe us guys DON'T schedule tough non-conference games, but we schedule more than the SEC does. that is evident.
    and, more to the point,
    2) we perform better than the SEC does in those games

    Nathan Frizzell

    Let's expose this myth that the PAC 10 schedules SUCH a difficult non-conference season right now...

    USC...2 ranked opponents outside of the PAC 10. 1 of which was to Notre Dame...Notre Dame. Seriously. They are currently 6-3, just lost to Navy and have dropped far out of the rankings. The other was a 3 point win over Ohio State.

    Oregon...2 ranked opponents outside PAC 10. 1 of which was a Boise State.

    Arizona...The #3 team in your conference has played ONE SINGLE RANKED OPPONENT ALL SEASON. Iowa. Oh, and they lost to them.

    But why stop there???

    Cal...NOT a SINGLE RANKED OPPONENT out of PAC-10. But, they've posted 4 of their 6 wins this season over the extremely impressive likes of Maryland, Eastern Washington, Minnesota, and WA State.

    OR State...One ranked opponent outside of the PAC-10. A loss to Cincinnati.

    Stanford...NOT A SINGLE RANKED OPPONENT out of PAC-10. Wins include WA State and San Jose State...Tough, guys! Tough! Oh, but they also lost to Wake Forest. :-/

    UCLA...NOT A SINGLE RANKED OPPONENT out of PAC-10. Scheduled and defeated a non-ranked, in-transition Tennessee team and is one of only 2 PAC teams to schedule an SEC team. The other was WA, who scheduled and lost to the SEC #3 LSU. Please note that WA then went on to beat the PAC-10 #1 USC.

    And I'm not even going to bother with WA and WA State, who are 3-6 and 1-8 respectively.

    **PAC-10 vs Ranked non-conference opponents: 3-4.**

    1) you guys DON'T schedule tough non-conference games. that is evident.
    and, more to the point,
    2) you don't perform well in these games anyway.


    Yolo's brother, you don't think theyre worth talking about then dont talk about them. The rest of the country thinks your conferences schedules like babies, thinks that the overall conference in the SEC is down this year and is second best to the Pac-10 which has 60% of its members with winning percentages at or about .667 even though their nonconference schedules were as solid as any conferences, and we have five teams ranked in at least one major poll.

    lex icon

    It's easy to get and stay at the top when you schedule easy games and you only have two conference opponents in the top quarter of all teams.

    yolo's brother

    people are dogging the SEC because it's not as good as it has been in the past. it's still a whole heck of a lot better than the pac 10. how many teams are in the pac 10 this year that is worth talking about? zero. we cant even talk about usc this year. usually the pac 10 has just one team a year; this year they dont even have that.

    the SEC will be at the top like i have predicted the last 3 years. its funny how so often i'm right, but yet you ignorant pac 10 fans still try to criticize me and harrass me.

    lex icon

    "That's a lot to overcome in the powerful Pac-10, the strongest conference in the country this season. Though it's sure to create great anger and debate in the SEC, computer expert Jeff Sagarin - whose compilations help determine the BCS standings - has rated the Pac-10 as the strongest conference in America." - Olin Buchanan

    And the Pac-10 play every other team in their conference (nobody got to dodge USC or Oregon this year), plus they play an out of conference schedule that is better than the SEC - by far. And as the season wears on, we see that the SEC's
    "marquee" matchups against Virginia Tech and Oklahoma State weren't all that great, and Florida's one non-conference test - FSU - is going to be against a team with a losing record. In-conference foes Ole Miss and Georgia turned out to be weak sisters, too. The SEC schedules this year are cakewalks.


    Perhaps the Pac-10 has been quite inconsistent this season, but it's WAR!!!! While over down south, the SEC looks like a 3 team league. That's quite a schedule, boys. 4 non conference cupcakes, 6 conference walkovers and 2 real games. Catch those games at home and you are on your way to a 12-1 or 13-0 schedule.

    Nathan Frizzell

    So, let's see here....
    STANFORD beat Oregon who beat USC who also lost to (3-6)Washington who also beat LSU....

    ...wait a minute, no they didn't. Washington LOST to LSU.

    And your strongest teams continue to fall to no-name, unranked teams.

    Earlier this season I said I felt LSU was overrated and I would put money on Florida and Alabama over ANY team in the PAC-10. I am now going to correct myself... I would now put money on Florida, Alabama AND LSU over ANY school in the PAC-10. Deep conference my fanny! The PAC-10 has been the model of inconsistency this year. End of story.

    lex icon

    Pac-10 “is unquestionably the nation’s toughest, deepest conference this season (no offense, SEC apologists).” @slmandel


    Despite playing tougher non-conference schedules, and then beating each other up in league, the Pac-10 has more ranked teams than the SEC. The SEC is a 2 team conference. LSU hasn't beaten anyone in the top 25.

    Nathan Frizzell

    There was no "struggle" at all for LSU against Washington.

    The score should have been 31-16 but our defense got lazy at the end and let your team have another touchdown.

    What I call a struggle is LOSING to 3-5 Washington...
    you know, like USC did.

    Buchanan's mailbag

    The SEC loyalists incessantly rave about the grind that is the conference schedule. Take a look at the grind that Florida has had to endure this season. The Gators beat Tennessee, which lost at home to UCLA. They beat Georgia, which lost to Oklahoma State. They beat Mississippi State, which lost to Houston. Saturday, the Gators face Vanderbilt, which lost to Army. Then they go to face South Carolina, a 7-3 winner over a 3-5 N.C. State team. Florida also has a victory over Kentucky, a 31-27 winner over a 3-5 Louisville team.

    In fact, the only ranked team Florida has faced is LSU. And didn't LSU struggle to a 31-23 win over a 3-5 Washington team?

    How can any team hope to get through that grind unscathed?


    There is no more Pac-1. The Pac-10 is strong this year. Oregon had a tough road game at Boise State, but beat all comers since. USC is beating everyone except its Pac-10 road opponents. UCLA is 0-5 in the Pac-10, but won at Tennessee, who have wins over Georgia and South Carolina and narrow losses to Alabama and Florida. Anyone who thinks that the Pac-10 conference games are easy is a blind homer for his own conference.

    Yolo Boy

    Just wondering, what happens to Boise State if Oregon beat USC this weekend? Currently USC is ahead of Boise in the BCS, so does Oregon somehow replace USC and jump Boise? Or does Boise State jump both Iowa and TCU because their win against Oregon will look really good? And what happens to Oregon? Do they move into the Top 10?


    The Pac-10 and Southeastern conferences are battling for the title of nation's top conference. The SEC is No. 1 in four of the six Bowl Championship Series computers: Billingsley, Colley, Massey and Wolfe, and No. 2 in Sagarin and Anderson/Hester. The Pac-10 is No. 1 in Sagarin and Anderson/Hester and No. 2 in the other four.


    How easy does that Florida schedule look now that Florida State and Georgia suck?


    History from seasons past does not make Tennessee, Georgia or Auburn any tougher to beat this season. Former BCS champion Tennessee beat Georgia and gave Florida and Alabama all they could handle, but they couldn't beat UCLA, meanwhile the Bruins can't even get as close as a touchdown away from their first win in the Pac10 after 4 tries. Georgia needed a blocked field goal to win at home over the Pac10's 7th place team. The SEC is good at the very top but that's it, which makes it a lot like the Pac10. You get an A in history but an F in current events.


    The SEC has 2 different schools winning 3 National Championsip over the past 3 years. The PAC 10 has 2 different schools winning 3 National Championships over the past 30 years! ...and that's counting USCs AP title in 2003 when LSU actually won the BCS.

    For those who are wondering, the SEC has 5 different schools that have won 9 National Championships over the past 30 years. Auburn could have been the 6th school from the SEC to win the title in 2004 when they went 13-0, but were overlooked by the pollsters.

    Yea I can see how the Pac 10 is as good as the SEC...what a joke!


    Where did all the SEC apologists go? After Alabama and Florida struggle so mightily against the likes of Tennessee and Mississippi State it is safe to assume that the SEC isn't any better than any conference and they are just gliding by on their media bias.


    I think a lot of USC fans will be sweating the trip to Oregon. The Ducks at home are way tougher than the Ducks on the road. Its a great opportunity though because if USC destroys Oregon at Oregon it will compare them favorably to Boise State who won at home over Oregon by a modest score.

    Sonoma Boy

    I would like to ask what your thoughts are on next week's game when Oregon and USC play. Oregon has looked spectacular ever since that opening loss to Boise, and they're playing at home. On top of that, Oregon won last time at Autzen. So I'm picking the home team here. USC is playing some good football too. I don't think their wins over Ohio State and Notre Dame put them in the elite category because I don't think those teams are elite themselves. I do however think USC is an elite team. It's just that I don't think those two wins prove as much as people say they do. So who do you all think wins this game?


    Pac 10 teams or even 6-1 Idaho DII or HS teams makes you sound like an idiot trying to funny and witty. Pac 10 is 11-7 (or something close to that) against the SEC this decade. The SEC plays mostly easy games all year. It's easy to win your two or three real games when you don't lose key players to injuries like USC did after playing at Ohio St. or Oklahoma did after playing BYU. When your top talent only has to play 2 1/2 quarters because you are playing SW Georgia State Community College, it's easy to stay healthy. Crawl out of your shell SEC fans, every conference has hated rivalries, you just seem to only know about the SECs. SEC strength of schedules this year were not above the PAC 10s and they rarely have been in the last decade. I know you don't like facts and would rather yell the same insanity filled statements over and over again about how good the SEC is but if you would like to not be an idiot, you can go on ESPN, check out the Sargarian ratings, etc to find out exactly how easy the SEC is. Congrats you play the worst schools possible and head into the conference play all at 4-0 and ranked. The only good teams this year from SEC are Alabama and maybe Florida, but Florida has all kinds of problems and they should have gotten beat by Arkansas. The refs literally gave them that one. Sure, your one good team does well when they get to play someone other than USC in a final, but remember Alabama and Utah last year, and Florida and Michigan the year before. Georgia? A joke. Ole Miss? A joke. Don't forget that the Pac 10 went 5-0 in bowls last year. There, I responded to all of your posts and pwned you. thanks for playing.

    lex icon

    To the idiots who are posting stuff that is going to the spam folder: Accusing people of child molestation and such stuff is something that, simply put, I don't want on my blog; Alan's over-the-top posts from last week got deleted, too; and if you'd read the exchanges from last season's SEC v PAC-10 post - including the deleted ones, you'd know what Hal was talking about. I gave fair warning.


    Sagarin's computer has the Pac-10 numero uno, and the SEC is numero due. After Alabama and Florida and maybe LSU there is nothing there. Look at UCLA. They went 3-0 preleague including a win at Tenn but they are 0-3 in the Pac-10 without even having had to play USC yet. The Pac-10 schedule isn't the breeze Les Miles thought it was 2 years ago, but those SEC nonleague schedules are still as soft as ever.


    A man usually never thinks to look under the bed unless he has hidden there himself. I wonder if the same is true of guys who assume that anyone they don't like is a fan of kiddie porn. Let them take it to another board. We are talking football schedules on this thread. It's a good topic. Front cover of Sports Illustrated this week even. Seeing Georgia getting exposed as a very average team, I think the SEC this year is a two or three team league, with LSU being the possible third. As such, those highly praised conference schedules aren't so impressive. By the end of the season, Big Ten teams who play Iowa Penn State and Ohio State might have a better argument.

    lex icon

    That's enough. When I get home tonight, I'm deleting these comments and putting your names and IP addresses on the spamblock list.

    lex icon

    Technically, each post's comment section is a separate forum, but I would like to see more talk about football, and particularly, SOS here. I don't remember who got personal first. My recollection is that someone who was one of Gibberroon's friends busted his balls by revealing his blog link or something, and the Pac-10 people that laughed about it were labeled as fags and child molesters and porn freaks and Christian haters by Gibberroon.

    Y'all should have seen the stuff from Gibberroon that I had to delete. I might have to start deleting stuff again.

    Nathan Frizzell

    what's going on on this board?
    personal and religious attacks on people???

    isn't this a football board?


    Giberoon: can you name one thing anyone said about you that wasn't true or rose to the level of calling someone a babyf*cker?


    Gibberroon, you brought some of this on yourself by going to the child molester trash talk last season. Fight on, Alan!

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