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    June 10, 2010


    Round and Brown

    oh agree with that too! hope they could be much stronger now this season.

    nursing gowns

    oh agree with that too! hope they could be much stronger now this season.


    I agree, Brendan. They are going to end up punishing an innocent school and its fans, as well as any USC fans who booked travel. Unlike the NCAA's claim that current players accepted a scholarship knowing USC was being investigated, here, I don't think any fan should have reasonably assumed that there was a risk in booking a weekender to Hawaii or Minnesota, and people who bought season tickets for Hawaii or Minnesota based largely on the fact that USC was coming are getting royally screwed if their team gets dropped.

    USC can avoid the problem by appealing the postseason ban and the 13th game ban, but that runs the risk of extending the bowl ban sanction an extra year and harming recruiting.

    I think if forced to choose, USC will ditch the Gophers. What do you think?

    Brendan Loy

    The notion of the NCAA ordering USC to breach a contract seems pretty fishy to me. It's one thing to say, you can't now schedule a game under this rule; it's another thing to say, you have to cancel a game you've already scheduled, just a few months before it's supposed to be played. Canceling the Hawaii game would take away the crown jewel of the Warriors' schedule, and canceling the Virginia or Minnesota games would leave those teams with an 11-game schedule and precious little time to add a 12th. Whatever else one thinks of the NCAA's ruling, I really don't think this particular penalty is legitimate or defensible, and I think it ought to be rescinded immediately.

    Perhaps USC can do a snap appeal of just this issue, separate and apart from its broader appeal, and perhaps Hawaii, Minnesota and Virginia can file amicus briefs. :) Not to mention every fan that has bought non-refundable tickets to fly out for those games. I mean, really.

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